Best of 2017 – Dubai

The year 2017 has been great for and it has achieved a lot of milestones which I couldn’t imagine when started 2 years ago. To begin with –

  • A huge boost in visitors and statistics.
  • A rare achievement and acknowledgment by Google maps for hitting 10 million views (btw it’s 12,596,357 as of 31-Dec 2017)
  • Crossing 10 million views on Zomato (11,747,145 as of 31-Dec 2017)
  • Gave away vouchers worth thousands of AED
  • Attended dozens of movie premieres
  • Added a Tech section
  • Prestigious invite by the Government of China for Travel Blogging #BeautifulChina

Visited around 200 restaurants in 2017 and below are some of the outstanding experiences that I would like to award!

Best Burger 2017 – 25’55 

Hands down the best burger in Dubai! The bacon and the flavors are unique. The new branch at Kite Beach is a gem!

Best Breakfast – The Restaurant

The breakfast and ambiance were outstanding. Had it two days back to back!

Best Hotel Stay – The Address Boulevard

Stayed at multiple hotels this year in 3 different countries. The best and luxurious was definitely the address Boulevard!

Best Shawarma – Shawarma Grill House

The shawarmas are unique and high quality! Was outstanding for me regardless the price.

Best Sushi 2017 – Miyako

I prefer my sushi authentic and fine. Miyako did that this year!

Fresh and Innovative – Roti Rollers

A vibrant take on Indian food. Fusion Rotis and the fresh flavors make it outstanding.

Best Thai Restaurant – Benjarong / Tong Thai 

It’s a tie! Both the Thai restaurants have amazing food. Benjarong serves Royal and authentic while Tong Thai is a fusion.

Best Newcomer 2017 – Waka

I’ve been to many Latin American restaurants and Waka has some outstanding food!

Favorite Turkish Restaurant 2017 – Gunaydin

Outstanding Adana Kababs, doners and meat! Loved the Turkish hospitality.

Favorite Brunch 2017 – Brasserie Quartier

Excellent variety and high-quality food!

Favorite Restaurant of 2017 –  Carnival by Tresind

Carnival has completed 1 year and introduced 4 seasons and a brunch. Impressive each and every time!

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