7 Companies You Should Know in Dubai to Live Easily

Whether you are a tourist or living in Dubai natively, there are always ways to make your life easier. Below, you will find seven companies in Dubai that makes your life easier, from cleaning service to food delivery.

#1 Carrefour, UAE

If you’re interested in a grocery delivery service, check out Carrefour UAE, which delivers fresh groceries to your door within the next hour (so order at non-peak times for the fastest service). It remains one of the city’s best-value stores, but it’s well worth getting in your stable to stop at a large store on the weekend. (When not for late-night hunger.)

Scan&Go mobile takes your customer experience a step further. Scan and bag your items from the MAF Carrefour App and avoid delays by paying directly at your mobile checkout.

#2 Careem

Careem is a vehicle for hire company which is a subsidiary of American company Uber. The company maintains competent work in all aspects. Their consumer-focused policy is an absolute satisfaction.

They also earned high consumer approval with an overall client retention rate of over 98.4%. Ensuring their customers’ complete satisfaction demonstrates their dedication to quality care and illustrates that they are a top-rated service company.

#3 Cleaning Company

Would you want to spend hours a day cleaning your own home? Does your house’s deep cleaning feel like a daunting challenge to you? and you don’t know where to start? No problem! 

There is an easy alternative to deep cleaning by Cleaning Company. Your home can be tidy as soon as you step in. You may request various carpet cleaning, bathroom cleaning, kitchen cleaning, and various home cleaning needs. 

#4 Washmen

The popular digital laundry and dry cleaning service company in UAE build the best operations the laundry industry has seen. They use Miele’s Wetcare® technology recently adopted clean-tech globally to completely mimic the mechanics of hand-washing your garment in cold water, providing the ultimate level of care possible.

They also have Air Dry technology for air drying and Steam pressing to ensure colours and textures last longer.

#5 Fixperts

Fixperts is a major supplier of facilities maintenance in the United Arab Emirates for building care, renovation, and refurbishment. Fixperts aims to offer support to all residential and industrial, and office clients.

Fixperts hires a squad of seasoned specialists in the maintenance sector headed by a professionally skilled manager. A 24/7 support desk is available, which guarantees a timely on-site response. 

With the latest technologies, Fixperts offers world-class service delivery time, quality assurance, and customer support. The organization uses the newest technology and procedures to preserve protection and reliability.

The business has a quality control framework and a protection management system and has been accredited. 

Fixperts strives to be the best supplier for facility management in the UAE. With this philosophy in mind, the Fixperts team offers high-quality maintenance solutions to its clients.

#6 Deliveroo

The organization offers individuals a curated selection of restaurants to select from. For example, Magnolia Bakery and Café Bateel. It costs Dh7 for delivery, which takes 30-60 minutes. Therefore, if you’re craving cupcakes, you’ll get them quickly. All you need to do is select the menu in the user-friendly app, and the requested items will be shipped in. The app is free and available on mobile devices. 

#7 Fruitful Day

Deliveroo has seen sales growth of more than 650% annually by offering fast and reliable delivery that its customer can track on their phones. Restaurants that partner with them see their revenues grow by up to 30%, creating thousands of restaurants’ work opportunities.

Fruitful Day delivers a massive scoop of goodness in the town, making it far simpler to snack on nutritious titbits. The Staple Box provides regular fruits such as bananas, apples, oranges, or the Discovery Box, which offers such luxurious choices as cherries from the Middle East, bananas from the Philippines, and Jordan peach mangoes, lychees, and kiwi fruit to your home.

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