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Taqato means ‘interchange’ or Crossroad in Arabic. Taqato is the crossroad where we exchange our likes and dislikes!

I am primarily a food blogger and cover topics that am genuinely passionate about which include: Food, Travel, Hotels, & Lifestyle in Dubai & UAE. I have worked with over 350+ Local and International Brands in Dubai and listed as Top 10 Bloggers of Dubai.

Taqato achievements to date:

–  30 badges on Tripadvisor and 20,000+ Readership

– 7.1 + Million views on Zomato

– 11.1k Instagram followers

– 5.1 Million + views on Google


Social Media Channels

Website/Blog: taqato.com


Twitter: @TaqatoUAE

YouTube: @TaqatoUAE

Facebook: Facebook.com/Taqato

Google+: +TaqatoUAE

Zomato: @Taqato 

Tripadvisor: Taqato (Top Contributor)

Snapchat: Taqato 

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