Ramadan at Tresind

~ Dine with the Nawabs and Maharajas of India ~

This Ramadan, Trèsind brings you another exciting dining experience for Iftar, Dining with the Nawabs & Maharajas of India.

It is said that the way to many a ruler’s hearts was through their stomachs. Palace kitchens were laboratories for producing gourmet cuisine that was the handiwork of master chefs who channeled love and labour in creating unforgettable meals and recipes. The presentation of the food and the eye to detail in setting a table was a result of the highly developed sense of aesthetics of these monarchs. Each meal was nothing short of a grand production. Discerning in their tastes and legendary with their hospitality, these kings and queens have enriched Indian food history.

The kitchen of Trèsind is also like a laboratory where the team of highly creative chefs are constantly working on curating new concepts in gastronomy, offering a fantastic dining experience. For this Ramadan, the team has come up with a menu that is inspired from the royal kitchens of India. The set menu consists of a variety of meat dominant classic dishes, interpreted with a Trèsind style twist. The price point of this menu is very approachable and the restaurant will be operational for lunch and dinner during the month of Ramadan.

Venue: Trèsind, Level 2, voco™, Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai
For bookings: (+971) 564209754 / (+971) 43080440
Dates: Available during Iftar throughout Ramadan

Price: AED 250 / person (food only)

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