Vintage Chocolate Lounge

Right opposite Reel Cinema entrance, located in Dubai Mall is Vintage Chocolate Lounge which we’ve been meaning to visit since long since we always park at Cinema parking. I am pretty sure you must have seen the gorgeous dessert displays.


The interior is lit with Vintage signs and has tables downstairs and upstairs. Since the construction of Reel Cinemas is on going, there seemed to be an issue with the air conditioning. It was pretty hot inside.


We ordered a Vintage passion fruit which was a mix of orange, pineapple, and passionfruit. It was pretty sour. The other drink was Almond Joy, a milkshake with coconut and crushed almond which was more delectable.


From the sandwiches, we got Smoked turkey which came with a side of delicious salad. It had light cheese and honey mustard inside! The chocolate writing on the plates was unnecessary and would mess your clothes or hands whenever you put down the sandwiches.


For the desserts, Vintage chocolate is pretty famous for the Jewel Box, hot caramel poured on top to reveal some delicious treats. It was filled with different kinds of chocolates. Enjoyed it very much!!


The other dessert was a Cheese cake and had a side of strawberry jam. It wasn’t bad at all!


The vintage chocolate lounge is a cool place to grab some desserts and coffee. Our server was good and gave us a lot of recommendations. You must try The Jewel Box! They also sell different variety of chocolates.


Vintage Chocolate Lounge Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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