Bagel Bar Coffee House, Dubai

So glad to see a place that’s dedicated to Bagels in Dubai since the last bagel I had was in NYC back in 2015. The Bagel Bar at the Dubai Festival City is more of a cafe that you can have a relaxing time at with your friends. FYI: They serve 11 varieties of Bagel!


A pretty comfortable ambiance with a lot of Bagel art on the walls. From the Frapjar, I ordered a Cookies and Cream frappe. It had brownies on top which completely overpowered the taste of cookies. For me, it was a brownie frappe!


First up was a sandwich, Smoked Chicken in a panini. You also have an option to order it in a focaccia. The side was potato wedges.


My choice of Baked Potato was Cream Cheese and Turkey Bacon. It was simple and very flavorful. The turkey bacon was great.


Apart from simple bagels, they have a huge variety of Bagel Sandwiches to choose from. I got a Specialist. It had layers of turkey bacon, gouda cheese, specialist sauce all sandwiched in a cheese and Jalapeno bagel. I think my choice was awesome!


The other bagel sandwich was Cajun Chicken. We replaced it with the multigrain bagel. It was stuffed with goodiness of cheddar, mayo, and jalapenos. We got a side of Potato Salad which definitely needed more seasoning. It was pretty bland.


For the desserts, I ordered a Double Chocolate Cake and it was fantastic. The chocolate ganache was perfect!


Cheesecake Muffin looked very unique and we enjoyed it a lot!


The cookies are a must try. Huge in size and rich in taste. Cranberry White Chocolate was my choice!


Bagel Bar not only serves some great bagels but also have high-quality sandwiches and bakery items. The service was great and staff recommendations helped a lot. If you enjoy Bagels, it’s a must place to visit. Even if you don’t, it’s a great coffee house!



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