The Green Planet, Dubai

UAE being a desert, we don’t get to see much of natural greenery or interact with nature. The best we can do is go to the Desert or Jabel Hafeet for a drive. The Green Planet offers an extraordinary experience of an Amazon Jungle and the species that live there in four different dimensions. We are so glad to check out this spot!


The Green Planet is located on City Walk and has a lot of free parking available near the location.Β  Once you enter the green planet, go directly to the 4th floor and work your way down. It takes you across the 4 levels of atmospheres along with the flora and fauna.

Level 1 – The Canopy

The canopy forms the roof of the rainforest, absorbing the majority of the sunlight and diffusing the rainfall. It stands at a staggering height of approximately 30-45 meters above the ground. You will find a lot of interesting birds here. Our favorite was the Macaw.


Level 2 – The Midstory

This is the middle layer of the rainforest, where trees commonly have large leaves in order to absorb any sunlight filtered down through the canopy. Here, there is more open space than above and more sunlight than the forest floor below.


Level 3 – Forest Floor

The three words that best describe the forest floor of the rainforest – Humid. Quiet. Dark. Unlike the other more bright and lively layers, barely any sunlight reaches the floor.


Level 4 – Flooded Rainforest

As much life as there is above ground, a lot of activity happens below. Over 3m of rain falls each year, flooding rivers and streams that provide the perfect living conditions for all kinds of animals.


The Green Planet offers a lot of interactive experience. I love how it was also a learning experience for all the ages. The staff is very friendly and would explain every detail. I think it’s a must visit especially if you’re a resident of UAE. You will be transported to another world for sure! Also available on Entertainer.

For more info:


Single Tickets

Adult AED 95

Child AED 70 (3-12 years)

Opening Hours

Sunday – Wednesday 10:00 am – 07:00 pm
Thursday – Saturday 10:00 am – 08:00 pm

*Last ticket sold 1 hour before the closing time

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