IZIL Rose Facecare Products Review

“IZIL” is the Amazigh word for “PURE”, a concept at the heart and soul of this brand. It is an all natural skincare line, inspired by the ancient secrets of Moroccan beauty and by recipes that have stood the test of time and that have been passed down from one generation to another. IZIL brings these traditional Moroccan beauty rituals, refined and honed to suit your modern lifestyle.

I’m a sucker for organic products that are free from harmful chemicals, synthetic preservatives and parabens. The thing I love about IZIL products is that their labels are clear and honest, listing all of their natural and organic ingredients, bringing us the best that Mother Nature has to offer.

I have previously worked with IZIL and have reviewed their 100% pure Argan Oil and their Green Tea Antioxidant Body Scrub. I loved the superior quality of both the products and the fact that both the products delivered what they had promised. So this time around when I got the opportunity to review their latest range of products, I was highly elated.

The products that I received for review, a few weeks back are Pure Damask Rose Water Toner and Ultra Moisture Rose Face Cream. We already instinctively entwine roses with notions of beauty and love. It seems understood then, that roses actually do offer beauty-enhancing benefits. This iconic flower specifically does beauty wonders on the skin.

Beauty products today are also embracing rose as an ingredient. Whether listed on today’s organic beauty products as rose water, rose distillate, rose essential oil or rosehip seed oil, these lovely rose essences do far more than just add their light scent to your products. This fragrant flower helps rejuvenate and replenish skin. Discover how this lush blossom can make your skin feel as velvety soft as a bed of roses.

Pure Damask Rose Water Toner

This fresh natural toner gently removes any lingering traces of cleanser, dirt, oil or makeup and helps tp prepare skin to tighten pores and maximize the benefits of your skincare products. It combines mild astringent properties with the irresistible fragrance of the pure Damask rosewater, leaving skin clean and beautifully scented.




This damask rose water toner not only helps to clean out my pores removing oil, dirt and dead skin cells but it also has anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties that can fight some of the bacteria that cause acne as well as reduce the inflammation that provokes pain.

Benefits of Using Rose Water as a Toner

Ever since I’ve started using this, I feel that it has helped fade those acne scars leaving my skin clearer and brighter.

Other benefits that I have noticed while using the IZIL pure damask rose water are:

Hydrates– It not only deep cleans my skin but also hydrates it, making it look plumper and firmer.




Firms and Tones– It helps to firm and tone my complexion without making it feel stretched or tight like some facial cleansers do.

Tightens Pores– This toner helped tighten my pores, making my skin smoother and reducing the chances of dirt and oil working their way into those pores and resulting in acne.

Reduces Fine Lines and Wrinkles– Because rosewater toner helps your skin hold in some of its natural moisture, this results in reducing the look of those fine lines and wrinkles and fight the signs of aging.

Finally, it also helps maintain my skin’s normal pH balance.

Ultra Moisture Rose Face Cream

With advanced antioxidants and nourishing Vitamin C, this cream visibly smoothens and retextures the skin. Enriched with Damask rose oil, it is naturally hydrating and anti-inflammatory, helping to calm irritations and inflammation. It helps to lock moisture into the skin, helping to maintain a firm, bright and supple complexion.




Packaging is very simple. It comes in a glass jar. I personally don’t prefer jars for hygienic reasons but this one comes along with a spatula.

Application is fairly simple. To apply the moisturizer; first, you scoop out the product with the spatula that comes with it. Then I like to dab it all over my face. Next, you fan the product up with your fingers – kind of in the way an esthetician so tenderly does during a facial.




I saw a difference in my skin after using it for two weeks. My face just looked more supple and healthy in general. It doesn’t clog my problematic pores, it brightens and evens out my complexion in ways other moisturizers can’t. Did I mention that it actually moisturizes? I don’t have really dry skin but, every mature person with a great skin I know, credits their smooth complexion to moisturizing, a lot. Apparently, the moister the skin, the harder it is to wrinkle.

My Verdict

You can’t go wrong with organic products. If they don’t benefit your skin, then they won’t even cause any harm. But these two products are a safe bet. I love the rose smell which is very uplifting and even my husband likes the way my skin smells after I use these products. The results are slow because they are natural products, but the good news is that these organic products have long-term anti-ageing benefits, that’s why I love them so much.




You can buy IZIL beauty products from their stall in Dubai Mall. Or you can even buy them online from their E-Shop


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