Taipei Dao, Dubai

Taipei Dao is located in Downtown Dubai at Emaar Southridge Tower. There are A LOT of reasons why Taipei Dao deserves a hidden gem title and a five-star rating.

Even though we are ‘expert’ in Downtown Dubai, we hadn’t heard of Taipei Dao. We are glad to have received an invite for trying the authentic Taiwanese cuisine with a healthy element. We are also glad to have met the owner, Felice Liao who is quick to personally assist and spread the message of healthy eating. Felice has age-defying looks and might reveal her secret if you seek answers!

Our founders believe passionately in creating natural, simple meals that contain no chemicals and additives. It is no longer about organic ingredients, it is about the essential ingredients that go into your cuisine, from the salts to the oils and this is why at TaiPei Dao our food is both healthy and wholesome, and we use we use all-natural ingredients, free of GMOs and artificial flavours or colours.



The interiors are very vibrant with the modern take on a traditional Taiwanese theme. You can feel a lot of positive vibes at this place for sure. At least we did.


Taipei Dao serves complimentary Detox water to all its customers. We all know the benefits of water and how it helps to rid our bodies of toxins. Felice has spent a great deal of time researching specific fruit and vegetable combinations to add to water, giving it an extra antioxidant kick.


Mr. A got himself the Authentic bubble tea with Tapioca. It did not include any sugar and did start enjoying after several sips. I ordered the Oolong tea with Pomelo which was refreshing.



Beauty tea spring onion pancake – It resembled a lot like Indian paratha but it had a unique taste to it.


From the Cold starters, we had the Garlic Golden Tofu cube. It was a unique tasting starter. If I could sum it in a single word, I would say BRILLIANT! 


Possibly the best starter – The fried dim sum had seafood rolled in Tofu skin and was a treat. Love at first bite moment for me.


From the Soups, I tried the Cuttlefish and Prawn ball soup which was very flavorful and soothing. Mr. A got himself the Chicken wonton soup which he did not enjoy as much but still did finish all the wontons in the soup.


From the Salads, we had the Chinese Kale. For some reason, the kale tasted a bit bitter but this could be due to the fact that they use organic vegetables and fruits.


We tried two variety of dumplings – The tea vegetarian dumplings and the tea Beef dumplings. Highly recommend the beef dumplings!



Main Course

Shredded Tofu with Stir-fried beef with soy sauce and spring onion. The ingredients in the dish are all so flavorful that you can taste each and everything. The best part is that there is no sauce that overpowers the taste of the ingredients and for a change, you get to taste the ingredients on their own. The fried tofu adds a twist to this beef dish. The owner of the restaurant told us that the beef is imported from Australia and the cows are grass fed. That is why the quality of the beef stood out.


Sweet & Sour Prawns – Fresh succulent prawns in an amazing sauce!


Kanbao Chicken- Again a very delicious and unique recipe with peanuts and red chillies. It does contain very strong black pepper pods which you can suggest them not to include.


Vegetable fried Rice – Mixed 5 grains brown rice! This was hands down the healthiest rice dish I’ve ever had. Trust me these organic rice tasted a lot better than the processed ones. They tasted very rich and they weren’t heavy on my tummy.


Sauteed Fried Seafood Noodles- I loved the blend of different flavours. The sauce was jus perfect and not overpowering at all. The spices were just right. On the whole, I loved the noodles. I will definitely be going back for more. But next time, I would try the thinner noodles instead.


Taipei Dao also has an awesome in-house bakery and a retail section. The bakery uses only the finest ingredients from organic palm sugar to sweet potato flour; perfect for those on a diet, counting carbs or simply with food allergies. We received a few items as gifts to try. The Chocolate muffins are recommended!

The retail section carries a lot of unique items like Organic Palm sugar, Fruit and herb vinegar, germinated brown rice and various teas.



For the desserts, we just tried the Homemade ice creams. I have never tried such flavors ever in an ice cream and never thought I would:

  • Black Sesame
  • Green Tea
  • Red Bean
  • Pomelo

Except for the Green tea, we enjoyed the rest and finished everything in minutes. So if you are bored of Mango, strawberry, and the regular ice creams, you now know where to head!


The fact that Taipei Dao does NOT use the following products in their dishes is applauding:

  • Chicken Powder
  • Artificial Food Coloring
  • White rice
  • White Sugar
  • Unhealthy preservatives and additives
  • Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil
  • MSG

Instead, they replace it with natural ingredients like Dead sea salt, Tea seed Oil, Organic Sweet Potato Flour and Germinated Brown Rice.

I would highly recommend Taipei Dao for the authentic Taiwanese Cuisine and great healthy food. The staff is excellent and you will receive great service. I look forward to being back not only for the good food but also seek knowledge from Felice!


For Reservations: +9714 451 0694



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