Kiss Beauty Acrylic Nails

Purchasing a faux French manicure and applying them to your natural nails is the easiest way to get a salon-quality manicure in under fifteen minutes. Trust me, it lifts you up and gives you an instant boost of confidence.

Although I’m lucky to have strong nails that grow really fast, but because I wear contact lens, I can’t afford to have long nails to avoid accidentally tearing off my contacts or causing an eye infection. So I usually keep them trimmed.

If I look back, my memory of falsies is that I hardly wore them twice as a kid, that too on Eid. Back in those days, they looked super fake and anyone could tell that you were wearing acrylics. Not to forget that they were not long lasting. Mine would fall off very easily. That’s why as a kid I never liked them.

My aversion towards Acrylic nails drastically changed when I was approached by the distributors of KISS beauty Acrylic nails and imPRESS manicure in the Middle East. Since my Wedding Anniversary was around the corner when I received these gorgeous falsies, so I thought why not give them a try.

They have a wide range of Acrylics available in Carrefour, Spinneys, Lulu, Boots, Bin Sina, Aster Pharmacy, Health first & all the leading stores across U.A.E.


I was given falsies from their Acrylic nude French Nails collection, Gel Fantasy Range, and their latest imPRESS press-on manicure collection.

imPRESS Nails:

The imPRESS press-on nails were the first bottle that I tried on my Anniversary and guess what, I just fell in LOVE with them at the first application. Since I love doing my own nails, I was excited to test the imPRESS Press-Ons. They looked so natural that I couldn’t stop admiring my own hands.



How to Apply:

These imPRESS nails aren’t the press-ons of our childhood. It comes with an instruction sheet which explains everything in detail.  They seemed a little too good to be true; the instructions tell you to pick the right size for your nails, peel off the back of the stickers, and press them onto your nails. Actually pressing on the nails only took about ten minutes (most of that time was spent making sure I had the best size for each nail, so they would look as natural as possible) and my new “manicure” looked fabulous. My nails had the perfect shape, length, and shine yet looked just like my own nails.





All you need to do is make sure that your natural nails are totally clean (they include an alcohol wipe to prep with).

Select the correct nail size for each finger, they come in various sizes,simply pull off the plastic and press the nail down firmly. Make sure you don’t get your hands wet for an hour afterward to really make them stick.


Each bottle comes with 24 nails so you can easily do two manicures and/or replace nails that might fall off. It does happen, especially with fingers you use most often. A drop of nail glue will help secure the wigglers.



How to Remove:

Since they were so well stuck on, I was worried that removing them would be a nightmare and imagined soaking my nails in the nail polish remover for hours. But surprisingly removal is really easy. They’ll start to loosen with wear. But as I wore mine only for a few hours, hence they were stuck strongly to my nails.

So as recommended, I just dabbed a bit of nail polish remover between natural nail and impress nail, waited for a minute and peeled off. I couldn’t have been more surprised/delighted, when the nails came off in a cinch, just by peeling them from the sides. The best part was that there was no damage to my own nails. They still looked smooth and strong and had no stains or yellowing.

Most of my imPRESS nails are “medium” in length so it’s a little tough to text and I have to taake special care while taking my contacts out with these falsies.


With imPRESS, my hands look more elegant and a thousand times prettier.

So now I don’t need to worry about growing my natural nails before any special occasion or bloggers’ events, I can just apply imPRESS on top and bam! Fancy lady status!

If you love salon nails but are looking to save some cash, give these a try. They look fantastic, the price is right, and the quality is phenomenal!

Kiss Acrylic Nude French Nails

Other than the imPRESS press-ons, I was given Kiss Acrylic Nude French Nails that come with a pink glue.



How to Apply

They weren’t as easy to apply as the press-ons, but the key to getting the most natural
appearance is in the application of the glue. I found that if you apply exactly one drop in the center of the Kiss nail, and one drop in the center of your nail, the glue will spread evenly.

The slides show me applying Gel Fantasy with glue but French Nude Acrylics are also applied with glue in similar fashion.

To be honest, I didn’t feel like I was wearing fake nails. If you work with your hands a lot like I do, you will be thrilled that they don’t chip, tear or rip like your natural nails would.


How to Remove

I did notice that the glue-ons were tougher to remove. So instead of soaking my fingers in nail polish remover as instructed, I tried another method to remove the falsies, that I had seen on youtube.

  • Cut cotton rounds in half and put nail polish remover on the pad.
  • Place cotton soaked in acetone on your nail.
  • Cover with tinfoil for ten minutes.
  • After taking off the tinfoil, don’t take the cotton off your nail. Apply pressure and pull down away from your nail with the cotton. If you swirl the cotton around you will not get a clean removal.
  • Do this step quickly as the plastic nail will start to harden.
  • Buff the nails to make sure they are smooth and you didn’t leave any glue or plastic nail behind.


But this requires a lot of practice. I have to admit that the removal was quite challenging for me. Some nails were stuck so hard that half of the acrylic came off and the other half remained.

If this happens then don’t panic. You can take off the remaining Acrylic by filing it with the help of an emery board. It will eventually come out.

Gel Fantasy

The Gel Fantasy Range is the most convenient one because it comes with Adhesive Tabs as well as Glue. So it is up to you, how you would want to apply it. When I’m in a rush, I reach out for the adhesive tabs because I’m more comfortable with them. Otherwise, I use a glue for more secure and long lasting nails.


The adhesive tabs are very easy to use. You just need to select the right size for each nail then take off the plastic from one end and place the gel like transparent adhesive onto your nail and press the plastic on the other end nicely so that the adhesive sticks to your real nail. Once it is stuck nice and firm, the other plastic cover will come off easily. Now apply the nail by applying pressure in the middle of the nail to avoid air bubbles.


I personally found the adhesive tabs to be easier to apply and remove. And they were as durable as the glue ones.



Things that I could easily do while wearing  Acrylics:

  • Wear my lenses and take them off easily without tearing them or harming my eye.
  • Taking a shower / washing my hair.
  • Doing my makeup.
  • Washing the dishes.
  • Doing my daily chores.


  • Very affordable.
  • Salon-looking nails in about 15 minutes.
  • Easy to apply.
  • 28 nails included so you can find the right fit for your fingernail. Also, you can do two manicures with one pack.
  • A variety of designs.
  • You can wear them for seven days.


  • Not practical for girls who use contact lenses on a daily basis and mothers handling babies or toddlers.
  • Nails that get popped off during use might cause lifting of your natural nails which can weaken them.
  • Removal of the glue-ons is a challenging task that needs a lot of practice.
  • You can’t reuse the same nail after removing it with nail polish remover.

My Verdict

These nails are highly convenient for my lifestyle. Since I’m a lifestyle blogger, I need short nails while typing and long nails only when I go out for media events or meetings. So now I’m hoarding on Kiss Acrylics. And I am definitely recommending these to everyone I meet these days. And I don’t need to say much as people themselves notice how natural these falsies look.

I would give 10/10 to the imPRESS nails, 9/10 to the Gel Fantasy and 8/10 to the glue-ons only because they are the toughest to remove.

In fact, I have decided that whenever I plan to go on a vacation, I will take packs of imPRESS nails in different designs along with me because they are time savers and they instantly add the oomph factor to your look. They would also make a great gift for dear ones.


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  1. Hi, I love impress nails, have been wearing them for over a year ‘non stop’ I just change them after 7 days to a week when they start to loosen. I love all the different style and colours, something for every mood. I’ve just discovered that you can buy many more shades in the US than you can get here, I hope that we will be able to get more variety as more people discover them. Also I wish that the sizes were a little larger, I get an OK fit by using all the largest ones in the pack and I just have average hands, I know of many people who’ve tried them and found that they are too small.

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