The Stock Exchange, Dubai

We have been hearing a lot of great things about The Stock Exchange, the new hotspot in Dubai. Recently, the food has been reintroduced with a lot of swag by Chef Pradeep from Jodhpur and we got to finally check out the place. We went there just for the food but had a lot of surprises waiting!


The prices of drinks keep fluctuating a couple of bucks just like the stocks, depending on demand and supply. Every Wednesday night, there’s a LIVE DESI Band playing. Tonight’s band was ROOH which had members from India, Pakistan, and Jordan. They began setting up and testing their equipment while the drinks arrived.


Passion Fruit Mojito – Fresh Passion Fruit, Lime, Fresh Mint, Top up with Lemonade. The drinks came with gastro effects. I got myself the Berry Mojito and loved everything about it.



Chilli Cheese Baguette – Crunchy toasted Baguette topped up with a mixture made with rest of the ingredients & grilled under a salamander till cheese melts. Tasty and crunchy bites!


Aloo & Cheddar Tikki Chaat – Over base of crispy white peas, crispy patties made of potatoes & cheddar cheese, topped up with trio of chutneys & aloo salli. That was one sassy chaat!


Chicken & Cheetos Sliders – Pink & Black colored tiny burgers loaded with Chicken Patty, Cheetos, Onions & Chutneys. Although it wasn’t bad, I’d like meat in my burgers!

Main course


Mirchi Imli Lamb Chops, Blue Chips – 4 Hours cooked lamb chops, flash fried & coated in a glaze made up with chilly paste & tamarind pulp, served with Blue cheese fries. Really good juicy chops.

We also got our 2nd Round of Mocktails – Mango Tango came in a spooky cool glass and was even better than the mojitos. It felt like a bottomless drink given the size.


Keema Pao – Slow cooked lamb mince served with butter seared pao bread & lachha onions. The dish was great but by the time it came, we were stuffed and the band was performing at its peak.



Lotus Tart, Vanilla Ice Cream – the combination was excellent and we couldn’t get enough of it. We sat back relaxed and sipped on our giant mocktails enjoying the music and ambiance.

The Stock Exchange was packed by the night and people cheered and danced along Rooh. Their performance was a memorable one and they rocked the restaurant. I’d highly recommend booking on a Wednesday to check out the live desi night and some fantastic food and drinks! A great job by Chef Pradeep Khullar.



Stock Exchange Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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