Baby Foot Easy Pack

I’ve never had to deal with my feet until I became a beauty blogger and started wearing insanely high heels to parties and social media events. After extended wear, I’ve noticed that the soles of my feet are no longer baby smooth. The skin on my foot has become rough and thick making it uncomfortable... Continue Reading →

Dermalogica Active Moist Moisturizer

Hello, girls and guys. Can you believe that it's March already? March is my most favorite month of the year, not just because it's my birthday month but also because a lot of my life changing events happened during March. This year March is extra special because this month I have collaborated with BasharaCare- your... Continue Reading →

Palmer’s Body Lotions

When it comes to what we put on our faces, we'll buy the latest anti-aging cream that promises to work miracles on those nasty crow's feet, and tend to spend far too much time dutifully performing each of the four to five steps in our skin care regimens. As for tending to the rest of... Continue Reading →

Gobdigoun Placenta Power Products

Placenta Power Aging Corrector Eye Cream Placenta Power Aging Corrector eye cream is effective for almost every type of wrinkle on your face such as forehead lines, crow's feet, eye bag, mouth frowns and vertical lines, tear troughs, necklines and nasolabial folds. It is considered effective in 3 minutes and lasting for the next 8... Continue Reading →

Palmer’s Skin Therapy Oil for Face

Lately my skin has been in a weird transitional stage, one day I have severe acne and the next day I will be as dry as beef jerky. I got a chance to try out Palmer's Skin Therapy Oil for face, when I was sent a 30 ml sample in the mail. I have made it a... Continue Reading →

One fine morning we received some LOVE from Lights and Letters. LITERALLY! Lights & Letters is exactly what the names says...It's Letters with Lights on them. We received 4 Letters - 23cm Metal marquees. L. O. V. E. Package and Function All 4 letters came neatly packed in individual boxes. The metal marquees run on 2 x... Continue Reading →

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