Interview: Makers of Aerials

Does Life Exist on other planets?

Yes it does, says S. A Zaidi. “It’s Absurd to even think all those Planets out there, and all those Galaxies exist for nothing. It’s insane to even consider that our entire Universe is one big empty space of nothing with no life out there. So there is definitely Life out there on other planets, in fact there must be a lot more complex life forms on other planets than we even understand. We just don’t know what’s out there, we might have a good guess, and consider some possibilities of Life. But we don’t really know, and that possibly scares us, not knowing what lives out there beyond our planet Earth. So the question should be what kind of life might exist on other planets, not if life exists or not on other planets.

If life exists on other planets, and there are alien species actually out there, where are they? And why haven’t they contacted us?

The question should be why haven’t they (Aliens) contacted us Yet, says Ghanem. Zaidi replies, Because they are definitely out there somewhere, meaning it’s just a matter of time before they actually contact us, people from Earth. But yes, where Aliens really are in outer space, even their possible location, their planet or galaxy, is an absolute mystery. Some scientists have considered a number of possibilities within our own galaxy on other solar systems, but again, those are just possibilities. Possibilities probably of nothing too exciting to really talk about. But I am sure you will find grass at least, laughs Zaidi and continues. But even if you find grass or bacteria on another planet, then that’s more exciting news than you think. Because that gives you the hint of life out there, advanced enough to be intelligent and sophisticated. Just like here on earth.

Shouldn’t we try to contact other planets that might have intelligent life? Or at least try to go to them if we can, since man has already reached Mars if nothing.

Good question says Zaidi, so we as humans with all our technological progress and research haven’t been able to be advanced enough to reach other planets, even within our own galaxy, or our neighboring solar systems, let alone other galaxies. So as of now, we can only study from far, said Zaidi. Ghanem said, “Again, we haven’t been able to reach there Yet. Someday we undoubtedly will, looking at the way things are changing and advancing.”

If Aliens do exist. Do you think it’s wise to contact other possible Alien civilizations? 

That’s a very good Question said Zaidi. Basically is it wise enough to go looking for trouble? I don’t know Mr. A. Because even space experts like “Stephen Hawkings” warned us against trying to contact other planets or possible alien civilizations out there. So maybe we shouldn’t try to contact or send any signals out there. Just to be careful. It’s best to study life in outer space from a distance as of now. At Least until we are advanced enough to travel across our own galaxy, if not the universe. Because if you cannot be advanced enough to defend, then you should be equipped enough to run, said Zaidi.

Director S A Zaidi (right) & Producer Ghanem Ghubash (left) at Comic Con MEFCC 2020

Why Sci-fi movies?

Because Zaidi and I (Ghanem) are science enthusiasts, especially when it comes to entertainment. We feel science fiction as a genre is where narratives find more space to explore a story, since there is always a deep driven theme of the future connected to it. I think it’s the idea of what can and cannot happen in the future that’s always hanging around the plot that makes it exciting, said Ghanem.

Now that you have released your Sci-fi film Aerials on Netflix. Do you think there is a following or an audience for Arabic science fiction films internationally?

A Science fiction movie might be new in the Arabic language, or maybe how statistics show horror films do better in the cinemas of UAE, but science fiction is a very old genre in the Arab world than most people know. Just not in films until AERIALS came by. And horror can be done mixed with Science fiction even more effectively than horror alone. Something like the Alien franchise or Terminator movies. I mean, there is always a first for everything. The first Sci-fi movie ever made was “Le Voyage dans la Lune,” in 1902 by the French film director George Melies. Then in Hollywood America the first popular Sci-fi film was “The Lost World,” in 1925. And England had its first British Sci-fi film in 1936 called “Things to Come.” And lets not forget the great Bollywood and Indian film industry. India had its first Science fiction movie in 1952 called “Kaadu (the jungle) and then later Mr.India in 1987.” And now, when our film AERIALS released across cinemas in 2016 and then on Netflix in 2020, it became the first Arab Science Fiction film in the region. So I am sure, just like other film industries had their first, and later carried on with the Sci-fi genre. We will definitely end up having the same in UAE and the MENA region, said Zaidi.

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