Xifujing Hotel, Ningxia

My first visit to China and first experience with the Chinese hospitality – Xifujing Hotel. A theme hotel featuring its premium quality and fashionable components is situated in the city of Yinchuan, Ningxia, China. If you’re looking for Halal food, then this is the place!


The hotel takes the pride of the unique backing of the city’s first freshwater well with time-honored history.  Being perfectly located in Xinhua Street, the city’s dynamic district with central commercial status. It was also a 5-minute walk to the Pedestrian precinct of the city.


Quite spacious with all the amenities, my room was a 1 bedroom suite with king size bed and a living space with a work desk. The wifi was great but you need VPN to access all the ‘western apps’.


The room was equipped with premium wash supplies, toilet requisites, and exquisite line. The hotel serves a wide range of cuisines including Halal cuisine with exotic and ethnic components of Ningxia.


I spent a total of 3 nights here and it was great. Few of the staff can speak English but you can always use a translator app for communication. The service was great and included evening makeup too. If I am visiting Yinchuan, I’d definitely go back here!




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