Top 10 Dubai Hidden Gems 2018

As part of the Dubai Food Festival, which takes place from 22 February to 10 March 2018, the foodies of Dubai picks out the city’s Hidden Gems – the venues that are off the beaten track, offer unique dishes and an inimitable atmosphere that makes them stand out from the culinary crowd.

Here’s who made the cut for 2018 –

Top 10 Dubai Hidden Gems

  1. Fish Hut                                  – 25th Feb

  2. That Place Cafe                      – 26th Feb

  3. Ayubowan                               – 27th Feb

  4. Wok n Roll                              – 28th Feb

  5. Grub Shack                             – 1st March

  6. Hot Palayok                            – 4th March

  7. Chai and Co                            – 5th March

  8. Smat cafe and Restaurant  – 6th March

  9. Tum Tum Asia                       – 7th March

  10. Wooden Celler                       – 8th March


The hidden gems are offering special meals for AED 25 on the above dates. It’s only valid for the same day! Check out more here Visit Dubai – Dubai Food Fest

Besides the Hidden Gems, there’s also Restaurant week where you can dine at the finest restaurants in Dubai for AED 199 / person! The most fun event is the Beach Canteen which is a must attend. We had a blast in 2017 and can’t wait to see what 2018 has to offer!


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