Ard Zaytoon, Dubai

Ard Zaytoon has recently changed its cuisine from Arab/Palestinian to Turkish. We got to try some of the dishes of the revamped restaurant. The upstairs dining area is for smokers and serves shisha. The downstairs is for non-smoking.


The interiors are modern and brightly lit. The chairs are olive color sticking to its name Ard Zaytoon.


The staff barely spoke English. We asked for juices menu but the server randomly bought cocktail and banana shake with a peel on banana hooked on which looked ridiculous. It’s a big no considering banana peels are not washed.


The event had begun by the time we arrived and we were left with cold leftover food. We didn’t know it was an event. There were kebabs missing in the platter but not replaced when asked. The Turkish pide had a slice left, we requested the staff to bring a fresh plate and they never did! The service was horrible or lost in translation!


Later the chef put on some fire show and served us few pieces of meat. The food quality was below average and not much flavor considering there are a lot of Turkish restaurants that serve great food.


For the desserts, they served 3 pieces of baklava for the two of us to share along with Turkish tea which was bitter to the core. The service was very slow and not satisfactory. The shisha was decent though but it’s not enough to bring us back. Ard Zaytoon needs to upgrade its service and quality, changing the cuisine is not enough!

Ard Zaytoon Cafe & Restaurant Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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