Falez Cooking Set

I have once heard a Top chef say that he’d rather own 3 high-quality cooking ware than 30 cheap ones. I am so glad to get Falez Brown Granite Cooking Set which had 9 pieces – a Turkish brand that is available in Dubai and UAE. Falez is the cooking ware brand of Hursultan.

falez 15027

About Hursultan

Hursultan was founded in 1977 and started producing die-cast aluminium tea kettle accessories. With the rising popularity of stainless steel in the 1980’s Hursultan started production of stainless steel tea kettles, becoming a leader in its sector in Turkey.

Production of stainless steel cookware followed shortly after. Starting in 2004, Hursultan
initiated its first production of aluminium cookware and is manufacturing products with ceramic, granite, stone, PTFE coatings with the license of ILAG. Various sizes and colors of aluminium cookware exist in Hursultan’s product range.




My cooking set contained 9 pieces including 4 different pots with 4 lids and 1 frying pan. The box set can cover all types of cooking. They are also oven friendly if you remove the silicone handles.


  • 40mm forged Aluminium
  • Non-Stick Ceramic enforced PTFE coating inside & out
  • Glass Lid


All the pots are high quality along with silicone handles and tops. The pots are quite heavy due to multiple coatings and layers. It’s all non-stick and distributes the heat evenly.

Dimension of Cooking Set

Deep Pot 20 x 10 Cm 2.8 L
Deep Pot 24 x 11 Cm 4.5 L
Deep Pot 28 x 12 Cm 6.8 L
Deep Pot 28 x 07 Cm  4.5 L
Frying Pan 28 Cm


Falez is available in Ansar Gallery, Homes are us, Pan Emirates or you can also order directly from Falez distribution and check out more of the range. The price ranges from AED 450+ and some are even decorated in brilliant colors. I would highly recommend the brand and it’s worth the money! It also makes an excellent gift for newlyweds.

Check out the links below for more info:

Link for Full Falez Cooking Sets

Haider Murad and Sons

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