SpiceKlub, Dubai

We are probably the last people to visit this brilliant Indian vegetarian restaurant. Upon receiving a lot of recommendations, we took out time to finally check this place out! The interiors are very pretty. I love the ceiling and the colorful art on the walls.



We got Mango on the Rocks which was brilliant. Mango juice mixed with some gastronomic magic turned into an eatable drink. Coconut water with Rose caviar was served in an ice bowl.

Although the drinks are interesting and tasty, having to eat with a spoon every time might get annoying and messy pretty quickly.



Pav Bhaji Fondue is a must try. I loved the cheese and Swiss touch on pav bhaji. It was simply brilliant!


Dahi Wada – made into caviar and served with curd spherification. It goes down in a bite. Very hip!


The Pani Puri looked more like a science experiment. The puri and the filling were perfect, but the green pani was just too salty and not tangy at all! None of us like it.


Main course


Since we were there for a tasting, we got half Paneer tikka masala and half Tandoori bhindi shashlik. The flavors were spot on with some garlic naan.


We also got vegetable biryani with Bondi raita. I am not a fan of vegetable biryani but it was decent.



Volcano is for chocolate lovers. Mousse with Peru jelly and Kesar milk was an excellent combination. It also had a side of extra chocolates which I thought needs better presentation as it doesn’t look appetizing.


Paan mousse was served on a rose petal and was sprayed with liquid nitrogen. You need to pop it in your mouth and it mimics an actual paan. They have a great variety of desserts which I will try in future.


SpiceKlub is a great option if you’re looking for Vegetarian Indian cuisine. Even if you’re not a vegetarian, it’s a fun dining experience. The service was excellent given that the restaurant was running at full capacity. I’d definitely be back for the Pav Bhaji Fondue!


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