Liv. – Digital Lifestyle Bank

I have always wondered why it’s so hard to open a Bank Account. You need tons of paperwork, approvals, big balance and way too many visits to the bank. Thankfully, I’ve discovered Liv. – Digital Lifestyle Bank which literally takes a couple of minutes to sign up just by downloading their app – Liv. All you need is your valid Emirates ID.

The Liv. card can be used for online purchases and in-store shopping. It’s powered by VISA Platinum so it will be accepted everywhere. The Liv card also acts as an ATM card in case you require cash. There’s also a whole lot of daily offers and discounts to avail.

To become a full-fledged Liv. member with access to all lifestyle and money services, all you need is:

  • A smart phone
  • An active UAE mobile number
  • 18+ years of life behind you
  • A valid Emirates ID card, issued to residents of the UAE

See the steps below:

Step 1: Download the Liv. App


Step 2: Sign up

Just keep your Emirates ID in front of you and place it in the box when it asks. The camera will scan your Emirates ID automatically.

Blog Screenshot png.png

Step 3: Get your physical card delivered

I got my card delivered in 2 days which was surprisingly quick. An SMS from Fetchr allowed me to enter my pinpoint my exact location and the card was delivered as per scheduled time.



You can enjoy a lot of benefits and offers with Liv. I know I will be using the Vox Cinema tickets discounts and restaurants offering 50% off.


Pay Bills

I will just have to log in one app to pay my Etisalat, DU, DEWA, NOL, and Salik bills. I can actually pay my friends too via Social Pay! Liv has also introduced additional Bill pay suppliers like SEWA, AADC, ADDC.


I will definitely be using Liv. card a lot more for everything as I don’t see any downside. I rushed off to Truckers DXB, located at World Trade center to avail some discount and had a great time!


I would highly recommend the Liv card to young adults or anyone who uses a smart phone for everything. The app also keeps track of your purchases and I cannot wait to see the other cool features they come with to help manage my finances seamlessly. Download it today!

Link –

Available on both Android and Apple store

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