Serendipity 3, Dubai

Serendipity was named after the three legendary princes of the island once known as Serendip (now Sri Lanka), from which the 18th-century writer Sir Horace Walpole coined serendipity. Serendipity has been popular since the beginning. Marilyn Monroe frequently patronized the restaurant, Andy Warhol was a regular before he was well-known, and First Lady Jackie O was also a frequent guest and once even tried to buy the recipe for the Frrrozen Hot Chocolate for an event she was throwing.


Fast forward to 2017 – Two branches are now open in Dubai. We visited the one in Festival City.

The ambiance sets the tone of the place just right. It’s like being in a wonderland. Huge menus and treats visible at the counter. Lots of colors and different ceilings. They did a great job with the interiors.



Berrilicous – Mixed berries, vanilla, and soda. Loved it!

Fine & Dandy, Bubblegum Candy – Bubblegum and strawberry Slurpee. It’s sweet but we enjoyed the bubblegum flavor and giant cotton candy on top was a treat. Drink quick or it becomes a mess.

Razzle, Dazzle, and Basil – Strawberry, basil, and lemonade. The above two were better.



Las Vegas Chicken strips were excellent. You don’t feel the oil at all and it comes with 3 amazing sauces – Honey Mustard, BBQ, and Ranch. I couldn’t pick a favorite, they were all very good! Highly recommended.


All in Nachos (Cowards Potion) – It was half the size of All in Nachos but yet huge enough for 3 people. The sour cream, salsa, and guacamole are a great treat while the cheese is a turn-off. It turns into plastic after a while!


Main course

Texas style chili cheese hot dog was 1 foot long but unfortunately lacked taste or flavor. The cheese on top hardens quickly once again and you are left with dry bread and dry sausage. Not recommended!


Verde Pesto Pasta – Got for it! We added shrimps to it and it was excellent. Creamy and rich in taste.



Frrrozen Hot Chocolate – ‘It’s famous, it’s infamous, it’s notorious. It has destroyed diets and led to love affairs. Marriages have been proposed over it, couples have been wed in it, princes have been made from it. People have traveled from all corners of the world for just one sip of our creamy, dreamy, icy blend of chocolatey goodness.’

The above sums it all up – Words of the founder, Stephen Bruce.


Salted Popcorn Caramel milkshake was good. It has actual popcorns grounded with vanilla ice cream. It was a side kick to the Forbidden Broadway.


Forbidden Broadway was the highlight of the evening. Chocolate blackout cake, vanilla and chocolate ice cream with hot fudge and whip cream. It’s massive and has to be shared by 2-3 people! We enjoyed it.


Overall, a lot of hits and misses. I would recommend Serendipity3 for the Desserts and the Drinks. Skip the food! Really need to improve the quality of cheese and other products. The service was great and servers are interactive and friendly.



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