Iftar – Address Boulevard, Dubai

The newly opened Address Boulevard offers a unique Iftar experience. In a setting that honors the culinary and cultural traditions of Arabia, dine at a communal table like never before. The Iftar takes place at the Boulevard Ballroom.


It was our 2nd Iftar preview, we were greeted with some fresh juices in the reception area. Once we entered the Boulevard Ballroom, there was the longest table we had seen and it left us all gasping.


Beautifully decorated with flowers and some of the best cutlery we have seen. The whole table was laid with starters and had a great variety. It was mainly Arab cuisine.


After we were done with the mains, the servers brought out the mains. They began serving everyone on the table and onto the plates as well.


A variety of meat, chicken, fish, curries and rice was served all around. You can always ask the server to bring your favorites but might have to wait a while.


The desserts had their own station with some beautiful decorations. Tower of baklava and macaroons was the highlight. Personally loved the mango cheesecake!


The station also had hot umm Ali, kunafa, and some amazing chocolate cake.


The communal table concept is pretty unique and The Address Boulevard is first to attempt it in Dubai. In my opinion, it will be a blast having friends and family gather at the communal table sharing food and breaking fast with the fellow Muslims.



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