Mezbaan, Dubai

Mezbaan has been around for a long time in UAE and has four branches in Dubai/Sharjah. They have recently renovated their Karama branch and we tried it out.

The new interiors are definitely upgraded and modern with colorful contrasts. The major problem we faced was the AC. It wasn’t working! The bright lights didn’t help either.


Our welcome drink was Paan shots. It tasted just like paan which gave a cool vibe and was refreshing.


Peanut Salad – It was more like a chaat. A lot of crunchy peanuts with onion and chaat masala. Very addictive!


Munchow soup – It was a little spicy but we loved it.


Mixed Kebab Platter – some mutton and chicken seekh kabab and rest were the assorted chicken grill. All of them had distinctive flavors and great with the mint sauce.


Sesame chicken – Crunchy pieces of chicken topped with sesame. It was pretty good.


Dhania Chicken – Grilled chicken pieces in Dhania curry. I’ve never had anything like it. The flavors were subtle and went perfectly with the naan. Served in an oval bowl with a stand and fire lit under it. The presentation was good and kept the dish warm at all times! Recommended!


Mutton Biryani – If you’re looking for authentic Hyderabadi Biryani, the best kind of Biryani, you will find it here!! Served with a side of Bagare bengan and yogurt. The meat was fatty and we like it lean. But it’s still a win for Biryani lovers!


Almond Kheer – It was kind of bland and we didn’t enjoy it much. The other dessert, however, was great.


Qubani ka meetha – It had whole pieces of apricots and topped with cream. Much lighter and less sweet than the usual one. Loved it!


We sat through the air condition issues and still enjoyed the majority of the food. The service was good. The food is served not only on the table but on your plate as well. Not only the interiors are upgraded but the quality of food as well. Hopefully be back soon!



Mezbaan Hyderabad Restaurant Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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