Carnival – Brunch, Dubai

A couple of weeks ago, Trump dropped MOAB (Mother of all Bombs) in Afghanistan, while Carnival dropped MOAB (Mother of all Brunches) in Dubai. The former was unnecessary and the latter is a must try! It’s grand and unique which is why we love Carnival by Tresind and regard it as one of the Best Restaurants in Dubai.

Also, check out the review for Season 1 and Season 2.

The Brunch includes unlimited appetizers, salads, multi-selection of main courses, desserts, and drinks. Accompany this with amazing Live performances.


The Brunch is all served on the table and includes a lot of Live cooking and trolleys. While some Season 1 and 2 favorites are included, they also have a lot of new items.


Bread Trolley – Selection of Freshly baked bread


Dosa Waffle – I would have never thought of having masala dosa in Waffle form. It was outstanding and would make excellent desi breakfast. Served with Masala, sambar, and coconut chutney.


Canape Platter – All the dishes were vegetarian and innovative.

Palak paneer wantons, mock meat cutlet, smoked eggplant vol au vent, daal with phulka and some edamame. Our favorite would be the Palak paneer wantons!


Garden Salad – A trolley of Greenery came to our table and Chef Himanshu started to whip up a salad out of it. He mixed it with some roasted meat with vegetables and fresh herb. It was unique and delish!


Talking about unique, a whole tree of Sangria drove around the restaurant for the Alcoholic package. We didn’t try it though since they didn’t have the non-alcoholic version.


Next starter was a Seafood Platter – Five seafood served on a giant ship with five amazing sauces. It included Fish fingers, prawns, soft shell crab, squid, and lobster. Favorite – ALL! The prawn pickle is a must try.


Chicken Tikka – Served as a Pizza. It was topped with tandoori mayo and Amul cheese. It was a comforting dish.


Main Course

You get a choice of Vegetarian curry and an additional choice of either Biryani or a Non-Veg curry.

We got the favorite from Season 2 – Sarson ka Saag


We ordered the lamb biryani. It had a lot of masala and succulent pieces of meat. We were stuffed but still enjoyed it.



Pastry Trolley – It had a variety of bite-sized cakes, pies, and pastries. The pina colada cups were excellent.


Although the Dessert trolley will completely satisfy you there’s still Gajak!

Gajak – A live artwork which includes a lot of Caramel, peanuts, ice cream and chocolate. It’s a brilliant end to the festive brunch.


Carnival by Tresind and Chef Himanshu never fail to impress us! The brunch is highly recommended and very reasonably priced for the amount of food, service and quality served. It is definitely Mother of all Brunches. A must try !!!!

Every Friday from 12 pm to 4 pm

AED 190++ (soft beverage package)
AED 289++ (unlimited beverage package)
Children under 4 will dine complimentary


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