Qiso Cafe, Dubai

Qiso is a unique cafe which not only serves coffee but has a restaurant, a food mart and a lot of good vibes! They also have special menu items crafted by nutritionists. Located in Silicon Oasis, we visited Qiso cafe last week and it has it’s own free parking which was a stress relief of its own.


Qiso cafe is quite spacious with an open and transparent food counter where you can view most of the food. It’s bright and earthy tones makes it a relaxing ambiance.


There’s a dedicated space for kids and their entertainment which makes it super family friendly. The kids have a lot of toys and puzzles to play with while there are comics and books available for older kids.



Red hummus delight was one of a kind. Three flavors of hummus served with cucumber and carrot sticks. It also came with a side of crisp bread. It was indeed a delight!


The chicken quesadillas had a good amount of filling and it was pretty delicious. It was on a softer side than crisp. It came with a side of guacamole, sour cream, and some salsa.



We got a Royal Silk smoothies which had a mix of raspberry, banana, dates, milk, almond and vanilla extract. I would definitely recommend this and it was a booster!


The other drink was a cleansing juice. There were several choices but also had a ‘mix your own juice’ option. So we got a mix of Orange, apple, and Carrot. It was quite refreshing!

Main Course

Ravioli Romania was our first main course. Ravioli was stuffed with cheese and spinach and we finished the dish within a few minutes. The tomato sauce was pretty rich and thick.


From the sandwiches, we got a Mexican wrap and it had the same filling as the quesadillas. It was pretty big in size though and was served with a side of fries and some amazing dip. It’s made in house and called the Qiso dip!


They also have two types of rice bowls. We got the Lemon Teriyaki chicken and it was a letdown. The sauce was salty and tangy which did not suit our taste buds.


Qiso has their own cute Penguin mascots which you can also buy at the store for AED 15. They have their own comic books releasing as well. A regular session of story telling also takes place here for kids.


Food Mart

The food mart had a lot of selected products. Organic, gluten free and regular items were all available. If you are looking for the premium brands, this is the place!


They also had all types of milk – Soya, almond, and regular. Chia seeds and the organic spices caught our eye as well.


Qiso Cafe is a family friendly cafe and a very casual place to drop by for some coffee, good food, and shopping. It’s a unique concept and can be refreshing. If you are in Silicon Oasis or nearby, then it’s a must visit!!

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