Baby Foot Easy Pack

I’ve never had to deal with my feet until I became a beauty blogger and started wearing insanely high heels to parties and social media events. After extended wear, I’ve noticed that the soles of my feet are no longer baby smooth. The skin on my foot has become rough and thick making it uncomfortable to put pressure on especially at areas which are very calloused.  I hate going to the salon for a pedicure. Firstly because I’m very ticklish, especially when it comes to feet and secondly, I hate it when they take out the blade and start to skin away!!!!
What is the Baby Foot peel?
Basically, it’s a boxed kit that contains a pair of plastic socks pre-filled with an exfoliating gel made from natural extracts and fruit acids. The magic gel is a combination of “17 types of natural extracts” according to the box. The instructions were simple — almost too simple. According to Baby Foot, all you have to do is wash your feet, wear the socks, wash off, then wait. In five to seven days, the peeling should begin.
Over an hour-long soak, the gel seeps into the multiple layers of skin on your feet and dissolves the desmosomes (adhesive fibers) between those layers. Anywhere from a few days to a couple weeks post-treatment, the skin begins to peel off painlessly and naturally (albeit disgustingly), revealing the smooth, soft skin underneath.
How it works:
After removing my toenail polish, I washed and dried my feet and then slip them into the two provided plastic socks, which contained the fruit-acid solution. Then I simply put my feet up, Relaxed on the couch for an hour while the Baby Foot acids worked their way into my callouses. It felt a little tingly but it didn’t burn or feel uncomfortable. One hour later, I slipped off the socks, rinsed my feet and took a shower. My feet felt very dry and the dead skin felt very hard afterward. Other than that, there was no visible difference. Thankfully, the process isn’t painful, although a little uncomfortable for some because of the sudden dryness.
Then I had to wait for at least five days when I noticed that my dead skin started peeling off. In fact, in my case, since I didn’t have too much of dead skin on my feet, I noticed the dead skin dissolve only in the shower. So on day 5, I hopped in the shower as usual, and when I came out…I scratched my foot and the soft dead skin came off. Then I took a Pumice Stone and started scrubbing my feet. All the dead skin came off so easily. Now it’s day 12 and my dead skin is still coming off and my feet feel softer. I haven’t seen or felt my feet this soft since ages.
Unlike the other reviews that I had read earlier, where layers or sheets of dead skin would come off, in my case, I didn’t notice my skin peel off in layers. It just got very soft during showers and was easier to scrub off. I guess the peeling process differs from person to person. But out of my personal experience, my dead skin comes off easily only when my feet are soaked in water for long. It might not be the same for you. Similarly, the peeling cycle differs from person to person. My peeling cycle isn’t over yet as I still see flakes of dead skin on my feet that can’t be peeled off, but I can scrub them off once they’re wet and soft.
I’ll probably do a treatment about once every six months to keep my feet soft (and to reduce the pedicure shame I feel when hitting the salon). Considering that Baby Foot has stretched my time between pedicures, it’s saving me money. After all, heavy-duty exfoliation is usually best left to the experts, but with consistently smooth feet, I can handle the polish change at home.
Baby Foot Easy Pack is a wonderful and highly effective product. I’m recommending it to anyone who needs a REAL foot exfoliation. The Baby Foot Easy Pack is available across Carrefour, Spinneys, Geant stores priced at around AED 65.
I even received the Baby Foot moisture foot cream, which is supposed to be used only when your peeling cycle is over. Hence I will be using it once I feel that my peeling process is fully over.
I wasn’t really comfortable sharing the before and after pictures of my feet. So it’s only best if I don’t share them. However, you can visit their website to see the before and after pictures of others.

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