Clarins Mascara Supra Volume

Hi, everyone. There are so many great mascaras available in the market to choose from and I’m always open to trying out new ones that I haven’t used before. So when Clarins Mascara Supra Volume (which was launched with the Clarins Autumn 2016 makeup collection and claims to make the lashes grow around 17.6% in 4 weeks and give “volumising” effects) landed on my desk for a review, it was only natural for me to feel overwhelmed with joy. I got it in 01 Intense Black.


Product Description

“An innovative double effect of volume and lash care instantly creates thick, full, voluminous lashes. A gentle formula enriched with Cassie Flower wax and Panthenol to strengthen and protect for a full, magnified lash look. Rich pigments deliver intense color results. Clump-free. Long-lasting.”



  • Cassia flower wax: intense volume that is immediately visible and long-lasting
  • Panthenol: helps strengthen the lashes

About the product

The Supra Volume Mascara intensifies and enhances eyelashes with extra care.
Cassia flower wax is used in the formula for instant volume and intense color. With regular application, the Volume Boost complex increases the volume of your lashes by 17.6%*. Lashes can appear fuller after four weeks of use.

* Clinical study: Analysis of the treatment effect on bare lashes for 30 women over four weeks

Did you know that over 50 per cent of women wear mascara every day? It’s the best-loved and won’t-leave-the-house-without-it essential for most women because even a slapdash application can make a prettifying difference. But mascara is something that can be hard on your lashes especially if you’re wearing it daily. So it’s always nice to know if your mascara has natural ingredients too for strengthening and protecting your lashes.


The packaging looks very high-end and luxurious. It has a silver metallic packaging with a traditional mascara wand. The brush is quite simple – it is made of natural bristles and is quite thick, which is a good thing. The fluffy brush grips every lash and adds length and volume. The Mascara stays on well throughout the day but it is also easy to remove and doesn’t irritae my sensitive eyes.




The formula is smooth and rich black. I love the smell of this mascara. It has a very mild yet pleasant fragrance.


The application was very easy, gliding smoothly over my lashes. All I needed was two coats and my eyes popped out – my lashes appeared longer and fuller. The problem with volumizing mascaras is that they usually give me 5 giant eyelashes which I have to comb with different tools to define them. Fortunately, that is not the case with this one. Although it did get a bit clumpy for me if I apply multiple coats, but a single coat or two is a safer bet.

Single Coat of Clarins Supra Volume
With an without Mascara
Double coats of Clarins Supra Volume

My Verdict

The main two things I look for in a mascara is that it doesn’t clump and gives my lashes a ‘fuller’ look. Simple. Were both achieved by this mascara? Most definitely! For a daytime natural look, one coat is enough. To add more drama to my lashes in the evening, I build up the volume by applying a second coat.  It doesn’t smudge or smear during wear. It gives my lashes a more natural look and I love how light it is on my eyes. Although there are tons of drugstore mascaras, but if you’re looking for a volumising, high-end mascara then this is the product for you. Highly recommended!

Clarins Supra Volume Mascara is available at Clarins Stores all across U.A.E. You can find the location of their stores on their website.


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