Tub of Butter, Dubai

Tub of Butter has been a much-awaited restaurant for us to visit. It was on our radar since the prelaunch phase! Tub of Butter serves Mediterranean cuisine and Fine foods. We were ready to explore the Tub and all the butter it had to offer. You must admit it’s a catchy name!


First of all, this place is really big. Probably as big as a tennis court or two. The space is divided into many sections – Retail, bakery, Frozen food, drinks, Deli and much more. It also has a tub!


The dining area has high ceilings and a very casual feel. There are some round booths as well as tables. On the rear side, there is a lot more. We loved the ambiance.



Tub of Butter does serve some fancy mocktails. We got a Watermelon dynamite and a Berry bath. Loved the names and the drinks!



We got 1 salad – Cajun spiced Shrimp with some creamy avocado, oak leaf, and red pepper. A perfect salad which also had flavors.


Our second starter was a tartine. An open faced sandwich with a medium to well-done Angus beef steak with pesto and a lot of greens. It was huge and more than enough for one person.


Main course

We just had to order their Large Pepperoni Pizza. It was topped with mozzarella, capsicum, and green chili. All the ingredients were fresh and it was excellent in taste.


The other main course was a Tagliatelle with chicken in a pink sauce which was modified from Salmon in creme fraiche sauce upon our request. Once again it was generous in portion.



The desserts were mind blowing. The chocolate parfait with strawberry coulis was not only a piece of art but was freaking delicious. The parfait was very smooth and would melt in your mouth.


Valrhona chocolate fondant for two takes 20 minutes to prepare. Eat it as soon as it’s served. It is well worth the wait! The fine chocolate does make a difference.


Tub of Butter is a pretty and a casual cafe/restaurant with good food. Their tagline is FINE FOODS so be ready to pay more than usual. They do provide excellent service and the staff is very knowledgeable about all their food.

They have a lot of treats and custom made mini tubs to buy as well. A unique place which should be a hit with Dubai’s crowd! We were glad it lived up to our expectation.


Tub Of Butter Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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