Na3Na3, The Address Dubai Mall

The first rain of 2017 disrupted our dinner plans at Cabana as we were booked for their Brazilian Churrasco Night! Fortunately, the kind staff escorted us to Na3Na3 which had a Seafood Night that serves every Thursday!


The Buffet is set up elegantly and divided into many sections. On the left is an open kitchen where Fresh BBQ and Grill is refilled along a lot of different dishes. The right has a lot of sections from soup to salads and sushi.


The dining area is set up in warm colors and the high ceilings give a grand feel. There was live music where a talented lady sang in multiple languages.


There’s plenty of options for Salad. Even though it was seafood night, there was a few chicken and beef salad as well. They also have a separate section for Arabic salads.


Cold Seafood had some Oysters, Jumbo prawns, and Blue crabs on giant ice bowls. It also had 4-5 different sauces to enjoy the cold seafood with.


The grill had lots of interesting choices and the Lobster was our favorite choice. It was flavored and grilled perfectly.


The fish tikka was also one of our top choices and was very flavorful with the Indian spices. The prawns and Thai curry are also worth the try.


A lot of choices for Sushi and nigiri. We tried a couple but it wasn’t satisfactory.


The Salman teriyaki was also outstanding. Giant salmon fillet with teriyaki sauce was also on the grill station.


There was a beautiful display of the bread as well. Although bumped to see no pita bread on it to go with extra creamy hummus.


There was also 2 full counters of beautifully crafted desserts. Everything was mini version and we enjoyed almost all of it. You can never go wrong with the mini eclairs!


The restaurants at The Address Hotels and Emaar always stand out due to the good quality of food they serve. The seafood night is worth the visit even if you are not a big fan of seafood. The variety is impressive. The chefs and staff make sure the place is always spick and span.

Hope Dubai weather gets stable soon so we can check out Cabana by the pool!



Na3Na3 Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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