Bosporus, Wafi Mall Dubai

Turkey – a country I reckon everyone should visit at least once and Turkish cuisine, at least once a month! Our trip to Turkey last year was amazing and the last Turkish restaurant was a disaster – Lalezar. We were so looking forward to Bosporus!



The place is extremely huge. Wooden flooring and ceiling along with traditional touches. A lot of dining space – Indoors, outdoors, and private cabins. We were seated outdoor as the weather was pleasant.


For the drinks, Dubaigirl got the special mocktail ‘Lamborgini’. Layers of juices topped with a giant pineapple head. It was kind of a head turner holding a giant drink. I got myself a strawberry juice which was good too.



Since it was a Food bloggers meetup, we had a huge table. A meter long Turkish bread with a lot of black cumin along with a crescent plate full of dips arrived. We also got a variety of salads.


One of my favorite ❤ starters at @thebosporus was the Turkish Pepperoni Pide. Freshly baked with quality cheese, sesame, and black cumin. Also loved the variety of dips and salads!


Main Course

There was a lot of meat on the table! Starting with Turkish specialty was Iskander Kebab, Bayti Kebab, and Platter of meat and mixed grill.  If all that wasn’t enough, they pulled out their special Rack of Lamb and starting slicing the chops out of it and sprinkled a lot of herbs with some flames on the side.


Below is Dubaigirls choice of main course…

The Rack of Lamb sliced in front of us with fire display @thebosporus was not just a visual treat but I loved the flavours it released at every bite. The herbs sprinkled on top of it and the juices flowing from it, left me in a #foodcoma 😋 I have no shame in confessing my love for the fat attached to the chops 😂 If that makes me the Ogre version of Fiona from Shrek then be it 🙌 #SorryNotSorry A must try place especially in this weather. With live music, warm interiors, and scrumptious rich Turkish cuisine, this place will become your favorite hangout spot



We were served freshly prepared Turkish sweets. A whole lot of variety of Baklava which came with pistachio, walnuts, and cashews.


The particular standout was the Kunafa which was not overly sweet. The other was the ice cream and baklava sandwich.


Turkish tea is a must after all that heavy eating. We were also served Turkish coffee which they prepared it in the hot sand but we didn’t have since it would knock the daylights out of us.



Bosporus – Your bridge to Turkey – will take your taste buds on a journey across Turkish Cuisine. The service was commendable since our table itself had around 30 people and besides that, most of the outdoors were at full capacity. I also had Sheesha which was on point and the smoothest I’ve had in a long time.

I would definitely recommend Bosporus if you’re looking for Turkish cuisine and a place to chill for sheesha!

Bosporus Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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