Breikaut Sunglasses

I was highly elated when I was approached by Breikaut Sunglasses for a product review. BREIKAUT is a newborn sunglasses company based in the United Arab Emirates with different styles, polarized lenses and at affordable prices.

The story about the inception of their business is very interesting. They have this conviction that the eyewear industry is deeply unfair. That’s why they decided to start this adventure.

Designer sunglasses are expensive and since one Italian company owns a huge piece of the market (including the top eyewear retail chains) there’s no real competition that could drive prices down. This means basically they can set the prices as high as they want, and they don’t even need to innovate.

Breikaut was born with the conviction to change this unfair industry. Their mission is to provide the most awesome sunglasses ever at a fair price. By selling directly to consumers on their website.


The new Black Prime – Volcano sunglasses is part of our Prime collection, for those who want to feel special wearing premium sunglasses at an affordable price. Black Prime – Volcano comes with a black matte finish frame design with high-end lightweight polycarbonate, impact-resistant with metal hinge for more accommodating fit and Deep Red lenses. All our sunglasses provide UV400 sun protection thanks to the latest polarized and reflective lenses at no extra cost.

All breɪkaʊt sunglasses come in a branded box with logo print and include a high-quality cleaning storage microfiber pouch. Breɪkaʊt sunglasses are unisex, perfect for him and her, perfect for the beach and the mountain, get one for your next party. Choose your own breɪkaʊt sunglasses at affordable prices, no need to be rich to be cool. Be yourself, be breikaut.

There is plenty to choose from in the sunglasses world, and the price is never as important as what you’re getting for it. That being said, you need to make sure you’re getting protection first and quality as a close second. If you have both of these, there really isn’t anything standing in your way except for finding the pair you like most.

Polarized glasses are generally used for water sports and activities in the snow that can be hindered by too much glare. Nowadays, we use them for much more than that, but it doesn’t mean you need to spring the extra money to get polarized glasses rather than the regular ones you love. There are some people who love polarized lenses and others who are not big fans.

Breɪkaʊt sunglasses give you protection, performance, and style – all at a price you can live with. It’s a powerful combination you won’t find anywhere else. The result is sunglasses that give you outstanding visual acuity. Which means you’ll see things accurately, even at a distance. And with their polarizing technology, you won’t have to worry about glare. Breɪkaʊt lenses also block all harmful UV light.


My Thoughts:

Well, I’ve used my sunglasses for outdoors and walking at the park and it’s been okay so far. Since I suffer from migraines, which is triggered by direct sunlight, so I have to wear good quality sunnies that provide highest sun protection. So far I haven’t had any migraine attack due to sun sensitivity ever since I’ve switched to Breɪkaʊt   I’ve also tried them on while reading my SMSes over my Samsung. It does have this almost rainbow-like sheen to them, but the text on mobile is still readable.

So unlike traditional sunnies, polarized sunnies (like Breɪkaʊt) selectively block out glare instead of dimming the entire field of vision.

On the whole, I am highly impressed with my Breɪkaʊt sunglasses. They fit me perfectly and are very comfortable. I love the stylish frames and the deep red lenses make them even more desirable. Their original price is AED 160 but when I checked their website just now, I was pleasantly surprised to see that they are on sale for AED 120. They mostly have a sale on one design or another.
You can check out all of their designs on their website:

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