Yummy Corner, Dubai

Yummy Corner is located on Sheikh Zayed Road near Mazaya Center is a newly opened restaurant in Dubai. Interiors are funky with white and Red with a lot of space for dining upstairs.


Yummy Corner is not a traditional restaurant but can be classified as a quick fast food you can grab to eat or dine in.


We were invited to try their menu and started off with a Pizza! It was quite disappointing as it was very dry! A thick layer of cheese and had almost no pizza sauce which was good enough to choke a person. The pepperoni on top also seemed strangely curved.


For the Drinks, Dubaigirl got herself a Pina Colada and sent it back immediately as it was way too sweet and did not taste anything like Pina Colada. I made a mistake of ordering Mango juice in the wrong season. It was very sour and tasteless.


We also got to try their Shawarmas. Ordered a chicken and a beef shawarma which came with a side of tahina and garlic sauce. Both of them were excellent – Juicy and flavorful. Something I’d recommend.


Next up was their specialty – Broasted Chicken! It’s a very popular dish in Saudi but I have hardly seen it served in Dubai. The chicken was served with garlic and spicy sauce. It was a little oily but tasty! Crisp on the outside and soft inside. The extra large chips were excellent with it.


For the desserts, we  were trying to order a crepe but apparently they did not have any chocolates delivered so there was no Kit Kat, Oreo, Lotus, or Kinder. Finally, we settled for Brownie crepe and a Milkshake.


But the server only got us the Milkshake after more than 15 minutes! She was confused and messed up the order due to the lack of ingredients. We decided not to waste another 15 minutes for the crepe. We had also ordered Mozerella sticks but it never showed up. The Milkshake was not bad!

The staff definitely needs more training and professionalism towards their customers. I hope they learn and fix all the problems before losing all the customers!




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