Tresind, Dubai

One of the Best Indian Restaurants in Dubai has just launched its new Winter Menu along with a lunch menu for only AED 99. The last time we visited Tresind was during the launch of Ramadan menu and we had a chaotic experience. – Tresind Ramadan Menu

The new winter menu just blew us away with their creativity to an extent where we truly believe Tresind deserves a Michelin star.


By now I believe every Foodie in Dubai knows the famous deconstructed Pani puri at Tresind.



I got a sweet berry mix which was presented in a detailed pirates head. I literally loved sucking his sweet brains out!




The new addition is the Roasted baby corn ‘bhutta’, lemon butter sauce, peri-peri chaat masala. Roasted on coals right on your table, it turns into a delicious bite once plated. A perfect dish for winters! The only downside is the flying ashes.


Another addition to winter menu is Banarsi aloo papad, white pea guacamole ‘ragda pattice’. It was an excellent combo which you can’t resist!


Kadak Pao – A blend of salsa was created by a chef on our table and served with some crispy mini pao. Perfect starter with lots of flavor.


Main course

Sea bass with Banana chips – was probably the best sea bass we’ve ever tried. It was wrapped in a banana leaf and the masala was from Orissa. The chutney made pure bay leaf.


Murgh Zamani Doz – Plated on top of mashed potato, the chicken was cooked in a pot that was buried in coal or wood. The thick gravy and spices were spot on!


Kababs – served with thin vermicelli rice. The kebabs were good and a little spicy. When eaten with the rice it balances the spices out.


Sorbet – The latest palette cleanser comes in a form of Lassi sorbet with gold dust and peda. I can have it as a dessert too!



Beerbal Khichadi – The grand dish of the evening. An amazing presentation with over 70 ingredients to it. The chef prepared it live and named more than 50 ingredients leaving us astonished.  The taste was unbelievably good! I NEVER ever could have imagined Khichadi can be this complex and yet delicious.



We got to try the 3 new additions to desserts:

Is it a nest? Is it an egg? Nope, its Ghee roast kataf pastry dulce pannacotta saffron gel ‘sheer Korma’. A creative and even more delicious taste.


Ghewar mille-feuille pistachio mousse rose – The ghewar and the mousse complimented each other and the raspberry sorbet just boosted the dish! Beautifully presented, it was Love, love, love!


Baked Rasgulla – Firstly, didn’t know Rasgullas can be baked. Secondly, didn’t know it can be this good!


The winter menu is perfect and impressed us in every way! Without a doubt, I would give it a 5 star. The service was way better than last time. Hats off to Chef Himanshu and team for being innovative every season. I’d like to see the Michelin star added to the restaurant very soon!


Tresind - Nassima Royal Hotel Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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