Student Biryani, Dubai

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Since I am a Biryani Lover and can eat it 7 days a week, I wanted to share some history and insights of Biryani. #BiryaniIsLife

Biryani, an Indian dish made with highly seasoned rice and meat, fish, or vegetables. The word “Biryani” is an Urdu word derived from the Persian language, which was used as an official language in different parts of medieval India, by various Islamic dynasties. One theory is that it originates from “birinj”, the Persian word for rice. Another theory is that it derives from “biryan” or “beriyan” meaning to fry or roast.

Although a lot of communities claim the Origins of Biryani, everyone now has perfected their own versions. To name a few there is Sindhi, Kolkota, Malabar, Bombay, Afghani and even Arabic Biryani. Some of my all time favorites would be Hyderabadi and Delhi Biryani.

Over a weekend I dined at the Student Biryani which originates from Karachi, Pakistan and been serving Biryani since 1969!

We ordered a chicken and a mutton Biryani with double masala. I always stick to the original recipe but this one wasn’t bad either. Both the Biryanis had their own flavors and taste. It would be spicy for some so I would suggest the regular one.

We also got a plate of Malai Tikka which had some spices to it even though Malai tikka should only have cream on it. Again their version wasn’t bad at all.

Even though I ate most of the Chicken Biryani, could not pick a favorite as both were good! The food portion was big enough and the service was decent. It’s also pocket-friendly and I don’t mind going back! Don’t forget to try Pakola!



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