Lottie London Studio Star Brush

This duo fiber brush makes applying liquid and cream foundations easy for a beyond perfect, studio finish. To “stipple” foundation, dip the very tips of the bristles into foundation and dot onto your skin; then gently swirl the brush in small circles around your face – using only the tips of the bristles for a flawless, full coverage, streak-free finish!

For those that enjoy a stippling brush be it for foundation or cheek product application, Lottie London has the right brush for you. This bright aqua and black brush is soft yet robust, with cream products it creates a soft, almost airbrush like finish and with powder products it creates a more diffused finish. If you find you over apply loose powder and feel like it cakes on the skin, this is the brush to reach for, it will allow you to gently dust the face and set the make-up, without overdoing it. In terms of liquid products, a stippling brush works best with lighter coverage bases and/or with those items you need to apply in layers.

I personally don’t really use the Stippling Brush for liquid foundations anymore because I find beauty blenders do a much better job at blending liquid foundations.Plus brushes don’t give me an even finish for foundations, even though this is what it is designed for.

So instead of using it for the foundation, I use this for setting powder – and it’s nice. The bristles are quite long and it has quite a loose feel at the very tips. There was no shedding and it gives a really light natural finish.  I don’t like overly powdered looks so this gives the lightest touch.

All the Lottie London brushes come in bright pastel colors, and have 100% nylon bristles with a colored tip – and I really love the unique look of this brush as it is so cute and girly, and really stand out from any other makeup brush in my collection. More importantly, this brushes feels incredibly soft  when brushed over the face. the quality is good. It is reasonably priced at AED 59.


All Lottie London brushes are designed to be vegan-friendly, with super soft bristles and chunky non-slip handles for complete control and professional precision.

Lottie London products are available from Virgin Megastore, The Nail Spa, Burj Al Arab, Lulu Supermarket, Ushi Nail Spa and Hair & Beauty By Edge in the UAE.


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