Aseelah, Dubai

Aseelah, a newly opened Emirati Restaurant located in Radisson Blu in the heart of Deira will mesmerize you right from the entrance until the last bite. A unique experience that one must try only to explore what traditional and modern dishes the United Arab Emirates has to offer.


We were a party of 6 to arrive at this gorgeous place and seated at a giant round table. The entrance is lit up beautifully with lamps and upon arrival, we were served chilled Saffron shots as a welcome drink which were truly refreshing.



The interiors are done exceptionally well. It’s a mix of traditional designs and modern art. The restaurant is quite spacious and spread out. They also have a separate area for the bar.



For the drinks, I ordered the Falooda – a rose flavored drink and it was fantastic. Dubaigirl got herself a fresh watermelon juice and loved it. The popular choice among the table was the Tropical blue!


Amuse bouche served seemed traditional. It was a freshly baked bread topped with some cheese and date.

We also got a round of soup and I must recommend the Seafood soup and the Lentil. They both were excellent.



Most of the salads were unique and had an Emirati influence to it. We enjoyed all of them.

Beetroot Carpaccio – Thin slices of beetroot was topped with fresh rocket leaves and some tahini-flavored laban.


Fennel and Orange Salad – Topped with a poached egg and quail, crispy bacon with orange vinaigrette was a delight.


Tomato Salad – It had traditional flavors on it. Diced tomatoes and onions with herbs and lemon juice.


Main course

Since they were six of us, we ordered a variety of dishes and had a lavish spread in front of us. The dishes and pictures listed below were the best and we would highly recommend them!


Rubian – Marinated shrimps in flavored basmati rice and served with sauce as a side. Dubaigirl’s choice which she truely enjoyed!


Chicken Margoogat – Chicken cooked with spices and Arabic bread. Although I have tried Margoogat at other places, the flavors of Aseelah were unique and delicious.


Aseelah Harees – Another popular dish on the table was the Emirati traditional dish called Harees. It had mozzarella cheese on top and ghee which made it a lot more interesting for us. A MUST TRY!


Fish Machboos – Hands down the best dish was the Fish Machboos, served with traditional Arabic rice and sauce. The fish grilled to perfection and the rice was just full of flavor.



Date Pudding – Warm date pudding served with poached dates and passionfruit ice cream. An excellent combination.


Mille-Feuille was tiny in size but tasty. Pastry filled with pumpkin mousse, sweet-cream and date syrup.


Baked Cardamom Cheesecake – Personally my favorite sweet dish at Aseelah. Excellent presentation and worth every bite. I’ve tried hundreds of cheesecakes but never a cardamom!

Other traditional desserts were the Sago, Luqaimat, and Aseeda bobar.



Spending most of our lives here in UAE, we didn’t see much of Emirates cuisine. We are glad more Emirati restaurants are now opening. In my opinion, Aseelah not only would be the best Emirati restaurant but also one of the best restaurants in Dubai for a dine in! Aseelah truly showcases History, Heritage, and Hospitality.


For Reservations: 04 2057333


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