Koita Organic Milk


Koita is undoubtedly the Number One Long-life Organic Cow Milk in the U.A.E. Their milk has NO artificial preservatives, NO synthetic hormones, NO artificial pesticides and NO antibiotics. Added Vitamin A & D3 (halal certified) makes it extra-healthy 200ml sizes of whole fat, low fat & chocolate are perfect for lunchboxes, chillers, traveling & more. Koita is produced in Italy by the happiest grass-fed, free range cows. They donate 10% of net profits to local charities.


I received two cartons full of Koita Organic Milk in Whole fat and Chocolate low fat. It tasted just like fresh milk and wasn’t too thick in consistency unlike other long-life Milk usually are. I did notice that the whole fat milk had a peculiar smell to it, the very typical fresh cow’s milk smell. Some people might not like it because of the smell but it didn’t put me off because I’ve had fresh cow’s milk before and I don’t mind the smell. I really enjoyed the taste of organic milk. I drank it cold, hot, made coffee with it, had it with cereal and even used it for cooking pasta and lasagne sauce.

The chocolate flavored low-fat milk smelled just like chocolate but it was very thin in consistency since it was low fat. It tasted very refreshing once it was chilled. I used it in making cold coffee.

In my opinion, Koita Milk is perfect for the entire family. You can give it to kids in their lunch boxes as their tetra packing is perfect. You can also use it with your cereals or a drink in the morning and night.

Koita is on a mission to bring affordable premium products to customers around the globe! You can now find them in 400+ stores, restaurants, cafes and schools in 5 countries and counting – UAE, Qatar, Kuwait, Jordan, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia!


For more info:   www.koita.com


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