Carnival by Tresind, Dubai


Carnival by Tresind serves Post Modern Indian cuisine is an experience every foodie must try! Located in DIFC at Burj Daman, they have a valet for your ride which is very convenient. We had an exclusive preview invite to try a lot of their new and innovative cuisine!


The entrance will mesmerize you with the copper trees and stunning interior. The restaurant is quite big in size and very spacious. They also have a bar and a private dining area.



I tried the Barbican Fizz 22 – strawberry flavor and the drink seemed to last forever as the inverted bottled keeps refilling the huge jar.

Dubaigirl got herself the Goli Soda – Passionfruit got popped by a marble.

Both the drinks were unique and ace!




Makhan Phal was served with dry ice for effects. It was basically very light butter with avocado on top. Bite size and perfect as a starter.


Happy Halloween was stuffed with spicy pumpkin. Fluffy and soft, it had a good flavor and texture.


Dhal Phulka – An absolute genius dish. It was soup disguised as a cappuccino and a cookie. Moreover than the presentation, the lentil soup bursts with flavors as you sip it. I would highly recommend it!


Life is short, eat dessert first – Another genius dish where jalebi is incorporated with chaat. The whole flavor comes together and is a must try. However, The name of the dish, I feel is too cheesy.


Pulliinji Prawns / Morel Science – Dubaigirl tried the Prawns while I got the Mushroom (Morel) It had a south Indian touch to it but wasn’t bad at all.


Meatalicious – Lambchop served with a side of dosa filling. Very odd combination but once again it worked.


Utterly Butterly – Tender pieces of beef drenched in Amul butter with a side of cheesy toast was outstanding!


Vada Pao Science – or rather Vada Pao Fabrication as a server arrives with a tool box on your table and constructs a Vada Pao with a lot of ingredients. It was the tastiest vada pao we ever tried.


Palette Cleanser – A lot of ice and lychee flavor with gold foil. It actually didn’t feel like it cleansed the mouth but the ice made my tongue numb!


Main Course

Airline Chicken – Probably the tastiest airline food you can try! Served in a giant wooden tray. The chicken was in a kebab or a mince sausage form. The butter curry was on spot! That’s the curry you’d want to have with the plain rice. The salad, croissant, and the chocolate dessert make it a complete meal.


Mutton Dressed As Lamb – Galoti kababs wrapped around the lamb chops and nihari gravy poured on top of it was so flavorful. Kudos to the presentation.


East Indian Company Chicken – Chicken, potatoes, and egg in this curry. It has a lot of history involved in this dish which you will rather enjoy hearing from the server.



Chaat Wala – Although creative and a giant presentation, I did not enjoy this dessert much. The guava was stuffed with cream and sprinkled with strawberry chaat but the fruit itself was too hard to cut or bite on.


Pina Colada – was very creative and served in a coconut. The creamy coconut layered inside was heavenly.


We finished our meal in a post-modern way but having a Paan macaroon!


I would love to recommend Carnival By Tresind to anyone who’d appreciate creative and innovative food. It’s truly an art and its pricey!  The service was impeccable and staff is very knowledgeable.  We wish Tresind to be succesful and branch out further!



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