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Almost two months ago, I was invited to the launch event of NOTE cosmetics in Dubai. I was also gifted a few of NOTE products. With Headquarters in Germany, NOTE brand has a production facility in Turkey.Although new in the cosmetics market, NOTE has all eyes on it & it continues to deliver within World standards.

With its innovative approach and affordable pricing policy, NOTE is already the first choice of many stylish women.NOTE cosmetics products are Animal-cruelty Free meaning products are not tested on animals, and uses all-natural ingredients.

A healthy skin starts with a vitamin-rich, all-natural product usage (yes, organic) and free from harmful chemicals. That’s what NOTE Cosmetics is all about.


First of all, NOTE products are produced using only the highest quality of raw materials. Their products are animal cruelty-free and devoid use of harsh chemicals bad for the skin. Dermatologically tested, their products are Paraben free, with no hazardous and cancerous ingredients such as DBP and Camphor agents.

And like any other halal cosmetics, NOTE’s products do not contain any alcohol or other ingredients derived from animals. Good news to our Muslim beauties, you can now perform your daily prayers without worrying about taking your makeup off as it is wudhu-friendly!

Other halal requirements include strict clean utensils handling and using of materials that do not harm humans.That’s the reason why NOTE halal cosmetics are not only attracting the Muslim market but also the health-conscious non-Muslim ladies.

Healthy skin starts with you, healthy cosmetics starts with NOTE.




1. Luminous Silk Quattro Eyeshadow 04

This Eyeshadow Palette contains 4 colors- an icy white, a pink shade, a purple & deep purple. It comes with a built-in mirror & an applicator.

This travel-friendly palette is very practical as it can be worn during daytime & you can even create a purple smokey eye for an evening look with the same palette.

The pigmentation of the shades is commendable and they have a good staying power as well. Their special formula prevents smudging and ensures deep look for your eyes.



2. Matte Moist Lipstick

The matte Moist Lipstick in the Shade 304 Spring is a deep Burgundy shade that is perfect for Fall.

As the name suggests, the matte Moist lipstick feels very moist on lips but is matte in look. It has a very rich texture and your lipstick marks are not all of the glass. It has a fairly strong staying power.

Easy to apply, for matte and long last look. It is formulated with Macadamia Oil and Vitamin E.



3. Matte Moist Lipgloss

I received the Matte Moist Lipgloss in shade 403 Sugar Kiss. The liquid texture of the Lipgloss results in silky and permanent look. It contains Macadamia Oil and Vitamin E so your lips will feel moisturised all day long with a matte look.

The color is a fresh pink shade, that has a good staying power. It doesn’t leave a stain on your lips which is a good thing. But be careful because it will leave marks on the glass.

The Lipgloss has a very strong sweet smell, like vanilla essence. I didn’t mind the smell, in fact, it’s very soothing to me but for others who don’t like the strong smell of lipglosses, this might be a bummer. I would suggest to try it before buying.




4. Icon Nail Enamel

This is the Shade 517 Icon Nail Enamel which promises super concealing and glossy look with a single coat. It is easy to apply with a thin brush. It dries off quickly and gives a high shine glossy look.


My opinion

After using these products for almost two months I can say that NOTE products have a very bright future in the Middle East market. Not only the Muslim women would happily buy these halal make-up products, but everyone who prefers organic make-up products would love these high-quality Cosmetics.

Note Cosmetics are available in Lifestyle and all leading stores in U.A.E.


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