Logma, Dubai

Logma is an Emirati Restaurant we have been wanting to try for a long time which is located in Box park Dubai. It has completed a year and is very popular among residents and the nationals of UAE. We checked it out on a Friday afternoon.


The interiors are modern and the funky camel design is all over the restaurant in different colors and shades which I think is really cool and hip!



For the drinks, I had the Passion of Arabia (Passion fruit and pineapple)  and Dubaigirl tried the Desert Oasis (Watermelon, Apple, and Orange).  Both the drinks were refreshing!



Also known as ‘Bites’ we tried the Cheese Samboosa: It was filled with fluffy cheese and not the heavy kind. Highly recommend it!

Logma Fries: The fries were heavenly, seasoned with Khaleeji spices and crispy herbs. It’s a MUST TRY. I would go as far as saying that Logma fries are probably the best non-cheesy fries served in UAE!

Arayes Bites: Stuffed with marinated meat in a toasted khameer bread. It was rather soft and delicious.

For the Salad we had the Pomegranate Mozzarella which had mixed greens and huge chunks of Mozzarella.


Khameer Sandwiches

We tried the Beef Shawarma and the Logma Burger. Both served in Khameer bread had a lot of stuffing. The only thing I would critique is they didn’t serve any additional sauces with it. Perhaps some Tahina or Garlic sauce would be good!


Rice Dishes

We also tried the Shrimp Rice and the Machbous Lamb. Both served with a side of raita/yogurt .

I loved the Machbous, it had boneless pieces of tender meat and cashew nuts. The Shrimp rice was good as well.



Chebab Katayef: It was a crisp pancake stuffed with mascarpone cheese and dates, drizzled with saffron cardamom syrup and served with a side of vanilla ice cream. Truly genius! Since Dubaigirl doesnt have a sweet tooth, I had more for myself!


Rahash Fondant: Dark chocolate fondant topped with Rahash and served with a side of vanilla ice cream. The Rahash touch on the fondant gave a very Arabic feel to it and I have been having Rahash ever since I was a kid. So it was beyond mind blowing for me!


I would highly recommend Logma since we are very impressed with their creativity and showcasing of Emirati Cuisine. It was long due someone came up with an authentic Emirati restaurant that serves quality dishes. Even though all the tables at the restaurant were full, the service was excellent. We hope Logma would branch out soon in all 7 emirates and beyond!

For Table Booking: 80056462


Post by: Mr. A



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