Neutrogena Deep Clean Makeup Removers

As makeup junkies, we tend to spend a lot of time putting all types of makeup on our faces. But what we don’t realise is that a good makeup remover is just as essential as the makeup we wear.

While choosing which makeup remover is the best, I always look for three main characteristics: It should take off everything in one swoop, it shouldn’t clog pores and it shouldn’t leave gross, oily patches on my beloved pillowcase.

Neutrogena Deep Clean Makeup Removers take care of everything from removing raccoon eyes to keeping skin fresh and clean.

Neutrogena Deep Clean Eye makeup Remover


This product is totally effective and very gentle on the sensitive eye area.  It easily removes the toughest of waterproof mascara without causing any irritation to the eyes. Even though it is marketed as an eye makeup remover, but I use it all over the face as well. The best thing is that this product doesn’t leave my face feeling dry or irritated.

I feel that this product can put its competitors to shame because it works better than some pricier brands and it doesn’t sting or bother my eyes.

It is perfect for acne-prone or sensitive skin as it didn’t break me out. I would rather call it a dirt magnet, that purges dirt out of your pores and deeply cleanses makeup off your face.

I personally feel that this eye makeup remover is fairly priced hence I would give it a double thumbs up.

Price: AED 44.86

Neutrogena Deep Clean Makeup Remover facial wipes


I must say that I simply love the scent of these wipes. The smell is fresh and clean yet subtle.

I have put them to brutal tests repeatedly, and they have highly impressed me each time. They can remove waterproof mascara, waterproof eyeliner, eye shadow primer, eye shadows, concealer, foundation and more with great ease and absolutely no irritation at all.

People with acne-prone skin like mine should choose these gentle wipes because I haven’t experienced any breakouts since I started using them. These wipes leave the skin feeling moisturized and soft. It doesn’t make the skin feel tight or dry. Some makeup remover wipes leave a film on your skin, but this one doesn’t.

I even use these wipes to clean my false lashes and thankfully  no lashes were lost in a battle to rub off mascara like it happens with other removers.

These are travel-friendly and they easily fit in my handbag. I have been recommending these to all my friends because it is not just great at removing makeup but it also tames acne by keeping your face clean.

PRICE: AED 34.48


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