Shandiz, Dubai

Shandiz – An Iranian restaurant located at the Emirates Concorde Hotel in Diera with a very well done classic interior and live music. We went for dinner on a Saturday night and got to see some enthusiastic people of all ages dance along the popular numbers.


The whole place is lit up in yellow light with huge chandeliers on the ceiling. The first thing they served was the complimentary salad and a basket of Iranian bread.


Soup of the Day – Vegetable Noodle Soup

We usually have the lentil soup at the Iranian Restaurants and this soup was as good. Thick and garnished.


Mix Salad for Two had Hummus, Mutabbal, Beetroot, Potato chicken Salad and Cucumber salad.


Shandiz has a collection of Fresh juices. As usual, DubaiGirl had her favorite Watermelon and I tried the Cocktail. Both the juices came with a ‘cool’ presentation.


Kabab-E-Lari – Marinated Lamb chunks in Yogurt

This is my favorite Iranian dish. It’s a must have whenever I visit any Iranian restaurant. The lamb chunks were big in size and marinated perfectly. I prefer having it with the bread.



Joojeh Kabab Masti – Boneless chicken pieces marinated in Yogurt and pepper.

It came with a side of saffron rice with bilberry. Dump a slice of butter in the rice and it becomes a very rich dish. The chicken pieces were excellent..Grab a bite of the chili if you like it spicy.


Cucumber Yogurt – Maust Moosir

Delicious yogurt is a perfect side for having with Iranian Kababs. You can either use it as a dip or have it with the rice. It compliments every dish.


Kabab Shashlik – had 6 pieces of lamb chop

The lamp chops were huge in size and were grilled to perfection. There was no extra fat on the chops and they were juicy! Recommended!


Meygoo Kabab – Prawns marinated in Lemon juice and Saffron

The prawns don’t have any spices on it. Unless you enjoy such food, I would suggest lamb or chicken dishes over the prawns. It came with a side of Green rice which was outstanding.


We end the meal with some dessert and Iranian Tea. The strawberry and the Chocolate caramel were both disappointing. It had too much gelatin and no flavor. Both of us skipped it after a bite.

However, The Iranian tea was soothing. Black tea with mint helps in digestion and a must always after an Iranian feast.


Shandiz is a place worth taking your guests to or having a family lunch or dinner since the ambiance is grand, the live music cheers the place up and the food tastes great.


Post by: Mr. A


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