Before Ramadan I was sent a box of Mixed Triangle tarts by the newly opened online bakery called Tarts.ae.



I was very elated since I’m quite fond of tarts especially the mini lemon tarts that we mostly find at restaurant buffets.

To my amusement my box of tart was filled with unique flavors. The Mixed Triangle Tarts included 8 triangle shaped tarts in 5 flavors: mixed berries, dulce de leche and walnuts, raspberry mousse, salted caramel and chocolate and last but not the least the chocolate ganache tart.



The base or crust of the tart was unusually hard unlike other buttery, melt in your mouth tarts. But this was a positive thing as the base didn’t get soggy due to the filling after a day or two and tasted fresh.

Since it was summers, I decided to store my tarts in fridge. I would take 1 piece out, half an hour before I wanted to eat and voila it was as fresh as ever.

Each flavor was unique in its own way but since I’m a chocoholic, I relished the chocolate ganache tart and salted caramel & chocolate tart the most. The mixed berries tart was also very refreshing.



If you’re a big fan of tarts, this is a must try for you. I personally loved the tarts that I tried. The quality of ingredients used speaks for itself. The ‘pizza slice’ shaped tarts were very practical and easy to gobble.

For more info:


Order on: +971525932336


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