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During Ramadan we received a basket from mix&muesli.com. Our own tailor-made Muesli mix! You can choose from natural, organic/non-organic ingredients with no preservatives. Mix&Muesli offer gluten-free ingredients for those with special diet requirements.

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Our cane basket contained a very cute bowl, a shiny spoon, a napkin, 2 apples and our own custom Muesli. This basket was given for review purpose and pretty sure it doesn’t include when you make an order.


Mix&Muesli.com is a user-friendly website where you can sign up and store your details to get free delivery with in Dubai.

There are four steps to get your own Mix:

Choose your base ⇒ More Grains ⇒ Add dried fruits ⇒ Nuts & Seeds


BeFunky Collage2.jpg

Taqato Mix got a little over the top:

Sliced Almonds (GF), Hunger Buster (O), Blackberries (O,GF), Cashew (O,GF), Brown Raisins (GF), Blueberries (O,GF), Walnuts (GF), Macadamia Nuts (GF), Spelt Flakes (O), Lychees (O,GF), Mango (O,GF), Raspberries (O,GF), Strawberries (O,GF)

I would suggest to keep it simpler and choose only the ingredients you like. Besides being organic and gluten free, mix&muesli is also sugar free. My tip is to add honey!


Besides your own Mix, you can order their Premix which starts only from AED 27 and has some really great choices. All the mixes are 500g and comes in a ‘pringle’ style box which I found a lot more convenient than a regular cereal box.


I have recently cut off from the regular shelf Cereals Kelloggs since they contain a lot of preservatives and chemicals. mix&muesli is a healthier choice by far and highly recommended not only to the fitness freaks but anyone trying to make a positive change in their lifestyle.


For more info:

http://www.mixandmuesli.com/ or Call 800-Muesli


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