Chamas, Dubai

When was the last time you did something for the first time? Well it was my first time trying Brazilian Cuisine and Churrascaria (Barbeque in Portuguese) at Chamas located in Crown Plaza Hotel, Sheikh Zayed Road. We had a lot of surprises in store for us..


Mr. A and I entered Chamas to see huge grills and busy chefs through the glass kitchen. The interior of the restaurant is in dark shades and Orange. There’s a bar and a wine room inside.


There’s of course non alcoholic mocktails and we decided to try the authentic Brazilian drinks. Mr A. got himself a Brazilian Punch and I got myself a virgin Caipirinhia de Frutas.

The server casually pulled out a drinks cart and threw few pieces of fruits in a jar. He started manually mashing the fruits. Both the drinks were outstanding.

BeFunky Collage2.jpg

There was a starter bar with two different Soups and hot starters. There was also a cold Salad bar with tons of options and had a lot of authentic Brazilian salads to choose from as well.


The main course is the highlight of the restaurant. You get a coaster with a Red and a Green sign. If you turn it green the BBQ meat starts rolling and turn it to red to stop the service and take a break.

Chamas has 18 items to try in the main course with all sorts of meat and cuts for which you need an ample amount of time to sit and enjoy. I would recommend to spend at least 4 hours to dine at Chamas!


We tried around 14 of the meats and gave up eventually. Some of the cuts were extremely exceptional and all of them very unique.


The beef tenderloins were crisp and chewy while the Beef Rib cut was very tender and soft. They have 4 sauces on the table which we used A LOT.


Beef Picanha is the favorite and the most popular cut for the Brazilians. Its also known as the rump cover and has a lot of fat and meat.


Some of the meats were not marinated like the steaks. They just had rock salt added to them to completely enjoy the meatiness.

While I loved the Beef cuts, Mr. A enjoyed the Wagyu and the lamb.


Some of the meats like lamp chops was very well marinated and had additional flavors. Chamas uses the top quality of meats suitable for grilling since it makes a lot of difference.

BeFunky Collage.jpg

Chicken thighs, Lamb leg and the Sausages were all delicious in their own way.


Absolute favorite for both of us was the grilled Pineapple. Also served as a palate cleanser to introduce new flavors. We had that served 3 times on our table. It was sprinkled with cinnamon so the crust was crispy and it was very very juicy from inside!

I would love to go back just for the pineapple. It was so addictive.

BeFunky Collage3.jpg

Chicken breast wrapped in beef bacon was another treat for my taste buds . The smoky flavor added a zing to the taste.

BeFunky Collage4.jpg

There was also a small dessert counter with some rich and authentic Brazilian desserts. They had 4 flavors of sorbet too. Coconut and passion fruit being the best.

We would have love to meet the lady behind Chamas but unfortunately Chef Larissa was on a holiday when we visited.

Vegetarians need to stay away and I would highly recommend Chamas to any meat lover or someone who wants to feast! The service is excellent and the staff is very knowledgeable about the meats and the cuts. My tip, spend at least 4 hours dining at Chamas!



For reservations: 04 4371688


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