Time to Rebrand – 100th Post!

This is our 100th Blog post!! It also means we have worked with approximately 100 Brands! We would like to thank all the Brands, PR Companies, Restaurant Owners, Chefs and everyone whom we have worked with! Alongside honest reviews, we always try to give valuable feedback.

We also thought of re-branding the logo and give ourselves overly cute new avatars since we don’t like to put up personal pictures. A big thank you to everyone who visits Taqato and enjoys reading our posts!


Dubaigirl|Mysterious Blogger

Born and raised in Dubai. Passionate about Beauty, Food, and Fashion.

Instagram: @Dubaigirl.ae

Snapchat: nadreh16


mr A.jpg

Mr. A

Official Photographer of Taqato. Nerd, Geek and a Foodie #BiryaniLover

Instagram: @Taqato

Snapchat: taqato


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