Jodhpur – Royal Dining, Dubai

As soon as we handed our car keys to the valet at Murooj Rotana in Downtown Dubai, we were whisked away in a golf cart to Jodhpur. Mr. A and I were very excited to try their Iftar set menu. We could not wait for the Royal Dining experience…


The interior is covered in shades of gold and turquoise giving it a Royal look. A spiral stairs in the middle of the restaurant led us to our table and we were greeted by the Award winning Executive Chef of Jodhpur, Pradeep Khullar.


We were a little late for the Iftar and had to break our fast while on the way. We were starving and began the course with the pre-starters.


Kataifi Dates – Topped with GOLD.

Seedless Dates stuffed with nuts confit bound with caramel sauce over bed of crispy Kataifi pastry to break the monotony of dates, where you derive crunchy textures from Nuts & Kataifi. Looks like Eggs in the nest.


Jeera Khari with Herb Yogurt – Indian puff pastry, dredged with caraway seeds & served with herb yogurt.

For the drinks, we got the Berry Lemonade in a martini glass. It was refreshing and quenched our thirst right away.


Macaroon Chaat – Never tried anything like it. It was really tiny in size but whirlpool of flavors burst in your mouth.

It was stuffed with tangy filling & served as chaat with all the elements like sweet, sour, crunchy, chewy.



Laban & Ricotta Kabab – So many aspects in one dish. One of those unique dishes which is a MUST try. Its also a COLD KABAB.

Crispy fried melange of Hung Curd & Ricotta, coated with Rose Ash. Served cold from the center to allow a contrast in the dish. Crispy coating is derived after flash frying the kabab & then rolling it in dehydrated & smoked rose petals.



Beef Short Ribs, Aam Papad Glaze – I think the restaurant labelled this dish in a wrong category. It should be a main course and not a starter. The quantity was enormous and taste was magnificent.

Braised for 8 hours & then crispy fried short ribs tossed in reduction made with Aam Papad, Tamarind & chilly paste. Will simply blow your mind!


Galouti Kabab, Ulta Tawa Parantha, Strawberry Chilly Chutney –  Delicate Lamb patties soft enough to melt in the mouth, invented for toothless kings who wished to savor Lamb kababs but could not chew. The strawberry chilli chutney will again…Blow your mind!


Palette Cleanser – Sorbet to clean your palate so that you get ready for main course.

Mango, Cranberry & Kaffir Lime Sorbet –

Served in toy pressure cooker made with Fresh Alphonso puree spiked with kaffir lime leaves & de-hydrated cranberries. Pressure cookers are so symbolic to Indian household kitchens & sorbets are made like Popsicles to remind you once again of the childhood memories.


Miniature Pao Bhaji, Vegetable Chips, Garlic Maska – Extremely rich in texture and flavor. Served with mini crispy buttered seared paos was a nice touch. Probably the finest Pav bhaji I had til date.


Lamb Shank Nihari, Sesame Bakharkhani – Topped with GOLD.

Nihari made with Lamb shank cooked for 24 hours, sealed so that steam cannot escape & served with sweet bread bakharkhani, which is cooked in unconventional iron tandoor.


Chicken Tikka Biryani – Layers of Chicken Tikka & Basmati Rice, seasoned with herbs & cooked on dum. Served with Burhani Raita

I did not enjoy the Biryani as much as the other dishes. It was a little dry and bland for my taste as I like it with more Masala.


Garlic Nan and Dal- The dal was served as a side but it was exquisite. Pair it with their garlic butter nan and you could be in heaven. Mr. A recons to be back just for the dal and the garlic nan!


Rasmalai, Milk Foam Rabdi, Pistachios – Rasmalai served on bed of saffron flavored milk, topped with milk foam & pistachios. Loaded with crisp kataifi for crunch in the dessert.


Kesar Malai Kulfi, Toasted Almond Slivers – Full Cream milk reduced & mixed with dry nuts, saffron & cardamom. Freezed in customized moulds with stick inserted & topped it with freeze dried Raspberries.

I loved the kulfi while Mr. A preferred the Ras Malai.

Jalebi Tree with cheesecake dip –  This was something out of Alice in Wonderland. Placed on a giant tray, a giant metal tree with Jalebis hanging and sugar syrup dripping. I could imagine myself resting under that tree as Alice for a whole year.

The Jalebi Tree is not included in the Iftar menu. It was complimentary by the Chef.



Jodhpur is indeed Royal Dining which will take you on a magical journey of flavors with unique twists. They have it all – The taste, ambiance and the excellent service. I would highly recommend Jodhpur Iftar menu (its a steal) and will definitely be back to try their regular menu items soon. And yes…Its going in our Best Iftars in Dubai page!


Price: 125/person

Reservation: 04 3559846




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