Tresind, Dubai

It was our first time visiting Tresind, one of the Best Restaurants in Dubai and also the highest rated by Zomato users. We were delighted to be dining at Tresind. Upon receiving the invitation, we thought it was a private preview for Mr. A and myself but once we reached the venue, it turned out to be a Bloggers event. We had around 25+ people on the table.


A grand start to our evening..The servers brought in huge jars with dry ice and scent flowing to clear the aroma around the table.

Since there were a lot of people on the table, there was also a lot of chaos and we did not get to try everything on the table. Either the dish would pass away from us or it would finish til it comes to us.

I will display the complete Iftar menu below and highlight what I tried and describe it in few words in Blue



Amuse bouche


Date candy – High quality dates with Pop candy on top.

Saffron and almond milk – Served in a cute bottle. Loved it.

Meat fruit

Steamed edamame, wild zaatar – I simply love edamame but the zaatar twist was quite interesting. Mr. A did not get to try it! 

Fruit jar

Salad of the day – It was Bengali Salad and basically eggplants and very very flavorful. *Favorites 




Choice of Sides

Corn on the cob – Buttery and flavorful

Burnt butter couscous – It tasted delicious and anything with couscous is most welcome. Great for people who love healthy eating.

Mongolian beef – It was spicy. Worth every bite!

Creamed mushrooms – Recently in love with creamed mushrooms *Favorites

Tempura chili – Ah! LOVED IT! The chilli wasn’t hot at all but was filled with some tangy filling. It was crispy from outside. A MUST TRY!

Lamb kofta – Succulent balls of meat. They were tender from inside and the balance of the spices was just right *Favorites

chicken keema –

Green chili zhug


BeFunky Collage.jpg


Choice of Roast Tajine

Roast chicken

Roast lamb chops – Lamb chops were succulent and delectable.  

Roast duck

Roast beef

Baked sea bass

Tandoori prawns – They were fresh, well marinated and perfectly cooked. Weren’t rubbery at all. I enjoyed these. *Favorites

BeFunky 2.jpg

Choice of Curry with Bread

Butter chicken

Lamb nihari – Although I love nihari, did not enjoy it much for some reason.

Goan Beef curry

Venison – laalmaas – Very tender deer meat. Gravy was good too.

Malabar prawn curry

Red mullet rasam curry



Choice of Biryani with Raita

Lamb shank – This was very tasty. The lamb was tender and juicy and it was complimenting the biryani rice.

Baby chicken

Wagyu tenderloin


Fillet o fish

Tiger prawn – This was my most favourite one since I love seafood.  *Favorites

  • Strangely there was no raita on the table. Even though we requested multiple times for raita, it was not served. Biryani is incomplete without raita. After much delay we were given plain yogurt to eat with biryani which was a disappointment.  


For desserts we were given a plate of assorted mithai. The sweets were covered with gold flakes which were an eye candy with some hits and miss. Mr. A would however prefer one or two good Indian sweet treats than assortment of only Mithai.


The only complaint I have, is the quality of service was below par. Even to change a dirty plate would take them a lot of time. I don’t blame them entirely. It can be very challenging to cater to a table full of 25 bloggers. I wish they had divided us into small sub groups to give us undivided attention.

However, The food was mind blowing. It will take your taste buds on a journey! I would highly recommend an Iftar or Suhoor at Tresind. Do try our *Favorites.

Keep an eye out for Carnival. The latest venture by Team Tresind. I literally cannot wait to see and taste what they have come up with. Launching in Burj Daman DIFC.



Price: AED 200 / person – available till 3.00 am

Reservations: Call 04-3080440


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