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Organic products are getting really popular in UAE due to the high demand for quality conscious people. Other factors can be the high income, education and the diverse population of UAE. Dubai already has a lot of Organic restaurants, cafes, markets and now it’s time to introduce Organic products of UAE.


We received a goody bag from Muncherie which included 4 bags of Kale Crunch and 4 Mylks. It would actually take me a full post to write the benefits of Kale, but in one line:

Kale is Among The Most Nutrient Dense Foods on The Planet – A Superfood 

The Kale Crunch comes in two flavors – Red Pepper & Chilli and Cheese & Onion. The packaging was exceptional. High quality with bright colors and every little detail jotted on it. The product is all-natural, raw, vegan and gluten-free. Most of all it’s Made in UAE.


There’s an easy tear away on top and to our surprise, we found ACTUAL KALE inside. We were expecting it to be Kale flavored chips or some sort of crisps.


The Kale Crunch was absolutely delicious and flavorful. The red pepper and chili flavor just bursts into your mouth. Ever since my childhood, I have been having the supermarket ‘snacks’ and none of them was as tasty as the Kale Crunch.


How is it made?

After a few bites, I was very curious to know how they transformed a Salad leaf into a snack. It was no secret and was right there on the packaging.  The Kale was not baked, neither was it fried. It was DEHYDRATED!

The Kale is marinated in spiced Cashew sauce and was slowly dehydrated below 46 degree Celsius to turn it into a perfect snack!

BeFunky Collage.jpg

The other flavor was Cheeze & Onion. It was equally good. A real delicious superfood snack. It was all natural and handmade.


The other product from Muncherie was the Mylk (assuming it’s the fancy way of saying Milk). But it did not have your regular cow’s milk in it, instead, it was Almond milk.

Creamy Choco Maca’Chino

Mr. A is a fan of Mochas, hot or cold and he was head over heals in love with the taste of Creamy Choco and even more surprised it was Almond milk. More than the organic factors, the taste of Mocha Mylk was outstanding. It easily beats your Starbucks, Tim Hortons and Nescafe in terms of Quality and taste. And it was very light on the stomach.



Iced Vanilla Coffee Latte

With Almond milk and Organic ingredients, Vanilla Latte was heavenly. I can give a sworn testimony that all the products from Muncherie are Guilt-free PLEASURES!

We think they have a perfect tagline:


Raw liquid nourishment to wake you up, and shake you up.


The only downside of Mylk is that it expires in 3 days! The upside: You will always get a fresh product. I am literally speechless about the Kale: No downsides there. If Katy Perry starts promoting Kale instead of Pepsi, we’d all be healthy!!

I would highly recommend Muncherie and its products to everyone who wants to Munch on guiltless pleasures and would personally start grabbing Muncherie where ever I can find it! I would also love to try their other products and hope Muncherie keeps rolling out more munchers!


Available at:

Waitrose, Spinneys, Jones the Grocer, Milk and Honey, Soil Store AD, Mawasim Organic Supermarket AD and many other gourmet stores.

Kale Crunch:  AED 22

Mylk: AED 19.50

What is Muncherie?



We love munching and we believe that an organic plant-based diet is the way forward. Chemicals, additives, and pesticides really have no place in our food. So we had this idea to make real food unforgettably delicious by using natural ingredients and make them available to everyone in the UAE and beyond.


The Founder- Natasha Stephenson

One time health-nagger and founder of Muncherie. Natasha used to rant to family and friends about living a healthier lifestyle through a sacred combination of yoga, exercise, and good food. After her birthday cards began to dwindle, she decided to change tact and surprise them with tasty delicious handmade treats instead, which were well welcomed. So this was the official birth of Muncherie.


For more info:

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