Herbal Essential

I received the Herbal Essentials Neem & Brahmi face wash for review from the Tish Tash Team. I love using herbal face washes, especially the ones with Neem because of its antiseptic properties and its medicated smell. Also because I have an acne prone skin so Neem based face wash is perfect for my skin.



It comes in  a transparent plastic bottle with a spray like head and a cap which makes it very travel friendly. At first glance I loved the seemingly easy to use and hygienic packaging.

BUT after using it I realized that the head is designed in a way that you can’t keep it on the counter and pump with one hand. You have to hold the bottle with one hand, bend it to pump out the product. If you keep it straight, there’s not enough pressure that the gel will come in your hand. In fact the product is so watery that it falls on the bottle itself unless you bend it. I didn’t like the head.

herbal 3.jpg

Product Claims:

This face wash is specially formulated with natural ingredients – Neem and Brahmi, infused with all the goodness of pure Himalayan spring water. Prepared in accordance to Ayurvedic principles, but developed to meet your modern skin care needs.

Neem and Brahmi has been proven to possess various skin benefits, a perfect blend of natural ingredients that work gently on your skin to get rid of excess oil and helps out clear acne without stripping your skin’s natural oil.


✔ Clears acne
✔ Lightens blemishes
✔ Moisturizes skin
✔ Prevents premature aging
✔ Naturally tones skin
✔ Reduces blackhead and large pores

✔ Heals and disinfects wound fast
✔ Soothes skin
✔ Reduces scar appearance
✔ Stimulates skin regeneration
✔ Lightens skins and improves skin complexion



Texture & smell:

It has a gel like consistency but it isn’t as thick as other gel based face washes. In one pump, a very little product dispenses. I’m not very impressed with the texture, it’s too runny for my liking. I need four to five pumps at a time to get the desired result that too without any make up. The smell is very mild and pleasant. You can associate the smell with a baby product. But since it has neem in it, one would expect it to smell like neem.


As instructed on the bottle, I moisten my face first. Then squeeze out four pumps of Herbal Essentials face wash on my palm. Apply & gently massage all over my face in circular – motion. Leave it on my face for about 2 minutes. Rinse well and pat dry. I use it twice daily for a clean, glowing and pimple free skin. But you don’t feel the slight cooling effect with this product, that you get when neem is working on your skin.

My Verdict:

The thing I liked about this product is that it’s alcohol-free and gentle on skin.
But somehow it didn’t work for me. I didn’t notice any visible change in my acne. And after washing my face, it left my skin dry & stretched which is why I wouldn’t invest in this face wash. Besides the bottle isn’t user friendly at all. The texture of this face wash is too runny. At this price, I would expect something more rich in texture. I personally wouldn’t recommend this to anyone.

AED 109.00

Daily Oil Control Formula

Alcohol-free daily face wash with antiseptic properties
For Normal to Oily Skin
120 ml

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