Burger Rebel, Souk Al Bahar

If you are tired of Regular burgers, then Burger Rebel is the place for you! Here’s what Burger Rebel claims:

We at Burger Rebel are passionate about food and innovation and really do not like being told that “everything has been done” and that “the burger is “so over”; or that they belong only in the realm of junk food. We reject that notion and have created a new approach to popular food, pairing quality with a daring use of uncommon ingredients. Culinary talent and ingenuity are not the sole proprietorship of star chefs and pricey restaurants. Culinary adventurism for all!

The graffiti on the walls is the first thing that hits you as soon as you enter and the whole “chilled zone” vibes surface and you switch on your relaxed mode. The colorful walls and chairs make the ambiance very energetic.



The menu was on an touch screen pad. It’s the third place where I spotted an E-menu and I’m a big supporter of paperless menu.


For starters we ordered Spicy beef-stuffed croquettes served with homemade aioli which is some what like a garlic mayo dip. I loved the crispy potato croquettes and the spicy beef in it tasted divine.


We also ordered bread sticks which were crispy golden pastry filled with cheese and served with tomato salsa. They tasted so good especially with the salsa.


For beverages I ordered Virgin Colada which was basically Pina Colada. It was just average, I wouldn’t recommend this to someone who loves Pina Colada and has had some of the best ones.


Mr A. on the other hand ordered Strawberry Cream Soda which also was disappointing. Not sure if it was the ice missing or the strawberries were sour, something was off with it.

For our mains I ordered a classic American Burger BUT…


What came on my table is still a mystery. Since I inquired a lot about the difference in all the burgers and if I could omit something and add something, I guess my order must have gotten misinterpreted by my friendly server. I think he got me a Burger Club instead, simply because it had an egg in it which I don’t prefer in my burgers at all. But when I removed the sunny side up egg, my burger tasted good.

It was very filling and I really enjoyed the taste of my juicy burger. The burger came with classic fries. I just wish they had more selection in fries like curly fries or fries served with cheese and jalapeno because I don’t prefer classic fries anymore.


Mr. A opted for the Sliders – The Tijuana. It was topped with Fresh Guacamole, Monterrey Jack cheese and chipotle mayo. The sliders were juicy and grilled medium well done. It was less spicy than expected yet flavorful.


For desserts I ordered Chocolate Fondant which was pretty decent served with vanilla ice cream. The chocolate lava did flow out perfectly when I broke it from center.


Mr. A ordered the Sweet corn cake. It was served with berries and vanilla ice cream, even though the menu says it comes with whip cream. The corn cake was burnt all over the edges. He scooped out the interiors which was airy sponge cake and not too sweet. Berry sauce was tangy.


My only suggestion to Burger Rebel would be do add more type of fries. Also improve upon their desserts and drinks. Burger Rebel is for anyone who’s feeling adventurous with their burgers. They also have Fois Gras sliders, Duck breast in brie and Beef tongue sliders as well. If you want a safe choice, you call always try the classics.


Burger Rebel Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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